Houston Tumlin of ‘Talladega Nights’ Fame Dies by Suicide

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Houston Tumlin, who gained popularity for his role in Talladega Nights, died by committing suicide. Adam McKay, the director of Talladega Nights, mourns the actor’s death. He is in shock after hearing the news.

McKay said that Tumlin was a fun-loving actor with immense potential. They shared a great camaraderie during the movie. The moments were full of laughs which the director will always treasure.

Tumlin starred in McKay directed Talladega Nights, when he was a child. The movie had released 15 years back.

Houston Tumlin shot himself at his own home

According to Lina Evans, the coroner of Shelby county, Houston fired his head while he was at his home in Alabama. He lived in Pelham. The time of his death was near about 4:30 PM on Tuesday. 

Houston was with his girlfriend at home while he attempted to take his own life. There was no suicide note left as well. He was suffering from PTSD and depression.

The actor played a foul-mouthed kid in Talladega Nights. He was the son of the character named Ricky Bobby, which Will Ferrell played in 2006. Houston’s character name was Walker Bobby, who was 10 in the movie.

Houston’s famous dialogues from ‘Talladega Nights’ will be fond memories to remember

Houston is famous for his dialogues in the movie ‘Talladega Nights.’ Especially when he appeared with Grayson Russell in the dinner scene and Russell played Ranger Bobby of Texas.

‘Talladega Nights’ was Houston’s only acting endeavor. In 2015 he was in the Airborne Division(101st) of the Army. Houston achieved many recommendations while serving in the army. The actor received wings of Air Assault which made his mother very proud. He was serving in Fort Campbell. The actor even worked as a telephone repairman. His age was 28 years at the time of his death. May his soul rest in peace.

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