Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2024)

Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2024)

With all the financial education and intelligence, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad is enjoying an affluent fortune. He possesses multiple streams of income and has written more than 20+ books published in his name. This article unveils Robert Kiyosaki net worth, sources of income, debt, and various aspects of his life.

Kiyosaki has established his claws deep into the real estate industry, delivers financial literacy seminars, and is a pro at investments. He enjoys a lavish life with his $100 Million net worth and manages his multiple businesses. He recently declared that he owes $1 million in debt. This has got netizens puzzled.

Today, we’ll talk about the revenue that made his net worth rub shoulders with that of millionaires around the globe. Furthermore, we’ll discuss how he landed in such an enormous debt.

Full Name: Robert Toru Kiyosaki
Known As: Robert Kiyosaki
Date Of Birth: 8th April, 1947
Birth Place: Hilo, Hawaii, US
Nationality: American
Age: 76 Years
Profession: Businessman. Author. Investor. Motivational Speaker
Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth 100 Million USD
Debt: 1.2 Billion USD
Wife: Kim Kiyosaki
Children: No information available
Founded: Cashflow Technologies Inc. Rich Dad LLC. Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs

Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth 2024

At the time of this writing, Robert Kiyosaki net worth stands at 100 Million USD. It comprises his assets, investments, seminar profits, business revenue, and royalties for published work.

Early Life & Education

Born in Hilo, Hawaii, Robert Kiyosaki is the son of Marjorie Kiyosaki and Ralph Kiyosaki who was a professor. He was born on April 8, 1947.

He was admitted to the US Merchant Marine Academy in New York after completing his graduation from Hilo High School in 1965.


Soon after his graduation, Kiyosaki served as a helicopter gunship pilot in the U.S. Marine Corps. He won an award for saving the Vietnam Marine Corps in 1973. He pursued his MBA while in the Marine Corps. and also attended the Erhard Training Seminars (Est)which had a significant impact on him. Talking of Est he said, “During the training, it became glaringly clear that most of our personal problems begin with our not keeping our agreements, not being true to our words, saying one thing and doing another. That first full day on the simple class agreements was painfully enlightening. It became obvious that much of human misery is a function of broken agreements – not keeping your word, or someone else not keeping theirs.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth

He later worked at Xerox as a sales associate after his debut venture Ripper went bankrupt in 1977.

Source Of Income


The Hawaii native tried his hands at various ventures. He brought Rippers and Rock Band which sold surfing bags with Velcro fasteners and T-shirts. Both ventures went bankrupt after some time.

He then established Rich Global LLC which also faced a financial crisis and went bankrupt. The court ordered his organization to pay $24 Million as compensation for solvency to The Learning Annex and its founder.

But Kiyosaki didn’t step back and came up with Cashflow Technologies Inc.- an organization providing insights on finance and business aspects. He operates Cashflows brands and Rich Dad under the organization. The seminars add a nice chunk of change to his bank balance.

Prominent Book- Rich Dad Poor Dad

In 1997, Robert Kiyosaki joined hands with Sharon Lechter to work on Rich Dad Poor Dad which was sold in no time. The book is one of the most successful commercial projects that added to Robert Kiyosaki net worth. The sales record crossed 32 million copies translated into more than a dozen languages in more than 100 countries. 

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Not only that, several audio-versions of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad have been broadcasted till date. In 2017, more than forty million people went to grab the book on its 20th edition. More books were released under the same series later. He has sold more than 20 books until now.


The list of Robert Kiyosaki’s investments is unending and he holds stock investments in various organizations fully and partially. Some of the holdings are Rich Dad Education, Rich Dad Academy, Rich Dad LLC, and Whitney Information Network. He also co-founded the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs in 1985. In addition, he also maintains gold and silver reserves; he reportedly has one-ounce silver coins.

Published Work

Robert Kiyosaki has published a total of 20 books until so now, some of which are listed below:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad Series
  • Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom (2000)
  • The Business School for People Who Like Helping People (March 2001)
  • Why We Want You to Be Rich: Two Men, One Message (2006) co-written with Donald Trump
  • The Real Book of Real Estate: Real Experts. Real Stories. Real Life. (2009)
  • An Unfair Advantage: The Power of Financial Education (2011)
  • 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs: How Military Values and Experience Can Shape Business and Life (2015)
  • FAKE: Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets: How Lies Are Making the Poor and Middle Class Poorer (2019)
  • Why ‘A’ Students Work for ‘C’ Students and Why ‘B’ Students Work for the Government: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Education for Parents (2013).
  • The Business of the 21st Century (2010)
  • Who Stole My Pension?: How You Can Stop The Looting (2020)
  • Capitalist Manifesto: Money for Nothing – Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin For Free. (2022)
  • Ravens: How To Prepare For And Profit From The Turbulent Times Ahead. (2023)

$1 Billion Debt

Robert Kiyosaki candidly admitted that he is in $1.2 billion debt which he utilizes to generate wealth. In a recent IG post, he shared he is in two minds when it comes to saving cash. Referring to the Nixon shock– the U.S. dollar’s detachment from the gold standard under President Richard Nixon in 1971, he says he only prefers to store and convert his earnings into silver and gold. “I don’t own any copper. I own a lot of silver. I found a silver mine in Argentina and Yamana Gold (Canadian mining company) bought it from me. I do own tons of gold and silver,” said Kiyosaki in an interview with Stockpulse at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference in 2022. 

Elaborating on the reasons further he gave out a point, “if I go bust, the bank goes bust. Not my problem.” According to Kiyosaki’s philosophy, people should understand the difference between ‘good debt and bad debt,’ and leverage it. He emphasizes purchasing wealth-generating assets like real estate and calls his fully-paid cars- a Ferrari, and a Rolls Royce liability.

Real Estate

Rober Kiyosaki billionaire has a prosperous real estate portfolio that comprises a $2.75 Million ocean-facing 3448 sq. ft. mansion located on the Gold Coast of Oahu, Hawaii. He sold the oceanfront Diamond Head house for $7.35 Million in 2022. Although he has kept the juicy details under wraps, he reportedly has made profits from over 8000+ properties.


Robert Kiyosaki Cars

Kiyosaki has also built an embellished car portfolio for himself which includes:

1 Rolls Royce Dawn 378,000
2 Ferrari 458 280,000
3 Mercedes G63 AMG 158,700
4 Cadillac Escalade 110,000
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(Source: 21 Monitoring)


The 76-year-old businessman endorsed Presidential Elections for Donald Trump in 2016 supporting him.

Robert Kiyosaki Appearance

1 Hair Color: Black
2 Eye Color: Brown
3 Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
4 Weight: 84 Kg

Personal Life

It’s true that like-minded people attract each other. Robert Kiyosaki tied the knot with Kim Kiyosaki who, like her husband owns her own business, authored books on financial literacy, and is a self-made millionaire. Despite being a globally acclaimed name, Mr. and Mrs. Kiyosaki have not made any revelations about their kids.

Robert Kiyosaki Wife

The renowned author has a giver mindset which is evident from his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad in which he quotes “If you want a smile, the best way to get one is to give a smile.” He further added, “If you want a punch in the mouth, the best way to get one is to give a punch in the mouth,” according to the book, the same goes for money.

Controversies & Legal Suits

Seminars Or Scam

Robert Kiyosaki has been in the headlines several times due to controversial matters. Some of the attendants from his seminars have claimed that they don’t get any “valuable” information despite paying an affluent fee. There are also claims that Robert Kiyosaki net worth isn’t built through smart investments but rather by branding himself. In addition, his revelation that he owes $1 Billion in debt marks another trail of confusion and questions if his financial teachings are fruitful, although some believe it is a tactic to leverage debt for monetary gains.

Take On Joe Biden

The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad shared his discontentment for Joe Biden’s leadership as a President and called him ‘a puppet of WOKE liberal left.’ His X (formerly Twitter) post of Oct 19, 2023, reads, “Jordan Peterson warned;” if you think tough men are dangerous wait until you see what weak men are capable of.” Everything people were afraid President Trump might do, President Biden has done. Under Biden the world is at war, inflation is wiping out poor and middle class, and the economy crashing.” He further added, “Biden should be impeached. Biden is the worst President in US history. Tough men are better than weak men.” (Source: X)

With the upcoming 2024 U.S. presidential elections, these remarks have spread like a forest fire on social media.

Racist Comments

After the news of the killing of African-Americans including George Flyod spiked tension in the U.S. in 20210, public protests broke out. In June, Kiyosaki tweeted his thoughts which were hard to digest and gave a glimpse of supporting racial stereotypes against Black people. He wrote, “Why do we worship felons, losers, weirdos, and people without power or success? Why do we attack our police who protect us from these losers? Why do our gutless leaders kiss the losers asses? The police should take a month off. Let the losers and leaders kiss each other’s asses.” Netizens criticized him and labeled him as a racist for this, The Washington Post confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1 What Is Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth?

As of now, Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth is estimated to be approx. 100 Million USD.

#2 Who Is Robert Kiyosaki Wife?

Robert Kiyosaki is married to businesswoman Kim Kiyosaki.

#3 How Huge Is Robert Kiyosaki Real Estate Portfolio?

Not much information is out in public, however, Robert Kiyosaki has generated revenue by transacting for 8000+ estate properties.

Bottom Line

Robert Kiyosaki is a big-time personality when it comes to financial intelligence. He has built a $100 Million net worth from monetizing his seminars, real estate investments, and published work, among other things. He owes $1 Billion in debt which also points fingers towards his financial bits of advice. Nevertheless, he says it is necessary to maintain money-generating ‘good debt’ for monetary gains.

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