Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions That Warn You Around Heels & More (Not A Big Deal)

Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions That Warn You Around Heels & More (Not A Big Deal)

Can you imagine heels can result in a celebrity wardrobe malfunction? Well, there have been instances when heels have given a really hard time to the top-notch beauties of the world. And not just heels but the long veils that have been added to the dress to get a fairy-like look also, and the sleeve designs that were expected to amp up the look of the dress too have done the opposite for celebs.

Celebrities are just humans who can face a random wardrobe mishap anytime. After all, they have got a lot on their plate to do, from shootings to meetings to appearances to rehearsals. Today, we’ll discuss seven celebrity wardrobe malfunctions that did arise due to heels and other accessories.


Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunction Moments

You must have heard of celebrity wardrobe malfunctions around top straps and pant splits, but the footwear and accessories can too spoil special appearances. The below-listed personas of Hollywood have fearlessly tackled such a wardrobe crash.


1. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has really got a lot to handle. Past her duties as a British royal, she is also a wife and mother of three adorable kids. We all have seen her around Prince Louis being naughty. In all this haste, it can be tricky to avoid wardrobe mishaps.


Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions That Warn You Around Heels & More (Not A Big Deal)
Image Credits: www.pinkvilla.com


Something unexpected happened when Kate Middleton was attending the St. Patrick’s day parade in her green coat a few years ago. The present-day Princess of Wales almost tipped while striding when one of her heels got stuck in a drain. The royal diva didn’t let it spoil her grace and knelt down to get it out while her husband, Prince Charles, held her hand for support. She laughed at the incident and continued with the parade.


2. Gigi Hadid

This another time, heels became painstaking and resulted in a celebrity wardrobe malfunction when Gigi Hadid walked in the Marc Jacobs’ New York Fashion Week Show just a few years back. Her heels ditched her and broke right before her turn.

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She was about to don thigh-high socks with heels, but it didn’t work as the team had planned. Think her good hopes dwindled? Well, not even by a bit. She did reprobate making it the ‘oh damn!’ moment, and gracefully went on to walk the stage in her tip-toes. Yes, you read that right! She literally did that.


Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions That Warn You Around Heels & More (Not A Big Deal)
Image Credits: hips.hearstapps.com


Her aplomb was quite impressive as she strode the runway in her powder blue mini-dress without letting the incident affect her. Quite a pro!


3. Nicky Hilton

Be it a common person or a renowned personality, the wedding day is one of the memorable days for anyone. And when a wardrobe mishap comes around such a time, all you wish for is no attention.


Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions
Image Credits: i.dailymail.co.uk


Nicky Hilton looked like an angel in her laced Valentino wedding dress on her big day. It was all splendid until her long veil got trapped under the tire of the Bentley. She was lucky to have her people by her side on the very spot and calmly waited there. Thankfully neither her headpiece nor her mood was ruined. She didn’t seem to pay a penny for a thought on it during the entire event, like a cool bride.


4. Meghan Markle

Have you ever worn a dress to an event with a price tag on it? Not a big deal, right? But when it came to the present-day Duchess of Sussex, it drew attention from the paps and netizens.


Wardrobe Mistakes You Probably Never Noticed
Image Credits: pbs.twimg.com


Yes, Meghan Markle has been there too. The former actress wore a long red Self Portrait dress when she stepped on the earth of Tonga from Fiji. But the fact that the price tag was still drooping from the dress raised speculations about whether she was pondering upon the idea of returning it afterward. Like seriously? This was just another celebrity wardrobe malfunction that was highlighted as breaking news.

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5. Paris Hilton


Wardrobe Mistakes You Probably Never Noticed
Image Credits: hips.hearstapps.com


Okay, now what happened to Paris Hilton can happen to anyone. She came to The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon, wearing the wrong pair of sandals. However, healthy little teasing doesn’t hurt that bad. She was mocked for not paying attention to her dress-up in a hurry. Her team might have gone through a little hard time for sure. But this was also another celebrity wardrobe malfunction that really went viral like anything.


6. Ivanka Trump

Experimenting with different sleeves is never out of fashion. But wind can sometimes take a toll on it. Nevertheless, it is just one of the most typical scenarios. Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka faced such a scenario while she was in a meeting in Columbia.


Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions
Image Credits: www.usmagazine.com


Ivanka made it to the official meet in a green shade dress designed by Johanna Ortiz. The fanned sleeves of her peplum top made it quite a biting a bullet kind of task for the former executive vice president of the Trump Organization to pose for the pictures. But that doesn’t defy the fact that her attire was really magnificent.


7. Cameron Diaz


Wardrobe Mistakes You Probably Never Noticed
Image Credits: i.pinimg.com


The actress was making her way to the premiere of her movie, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle when she realized that the strap of her sandal betrayed her. The Being John Malkovich starrer shook the footwear off and continued with the event barefoot.

A celebrity lifestyle doesn’t come with just fame and money. There are times when a typical mistake like a teensy-weensy wardrobe mishap turns the world’s eyes on you.

Wardrobe mishaps can come uninvited and without any notice to anyone, let alone famous personalities who have jam-packed schedules. The above article has enlisted seven instances when famous personalities didn’t let their wardrobe malfunctions become faux pas for themselves.

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