Jase Robertson Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2024)

Jase Robertson Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2024)

Jase Robertson net worth has made a lot of people inquisitive. You’ll get to know why in this article, so make sure to read it till the end. 

Earning sources of Jase Robertson has been pretty atypical. He is a duck commander by profession and has raked in much love with his on-screen presence through the Duck Dynasty. In addition, he serves as the CEO of his family business. His fan following has increased from the family show which is also a source of wealth for him and his family.

But who exactly is he, what is his net worth, and how he became so renowned? We’ll talk about his life aspects, success, talent and his career path.

Full Name: Jason Silas “Jase” Robertson
Known As: Jase Robertson
Date Of Birth: 16th August 1969
Birth Place: Bernice, Louisiana, US
Nationality: American
Age: 54 Years
Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Profession: Businessman. Television Personality
Jase Robertson Net Worth: 8 Million USD
Years Active In Industry: 67 years and still active
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Missy Robertson
Children: Reed Robertson, Mia Robertson and Cole Robertson

Jase Robertson Net Worth 2024

As of this writing, Jase Robertson net worth reportedly lies between 8 Million USD. Majority of his wealth is accumulated from his family business for which he serves as COO.

Early Life & Education

Jase Robertson Net Worth

Jase Robertson was born in Bernice, Louisiana, US to professional American hunter Phil Alexander Hunter. As he grew up, he used to spend time with his dad which made him realize where his passion lies. Going hunting, he became a proficient hunter and even missed most of his school life just to explore the rough-n-tough woodways and catch the ducks.


Jase Robertson is a proclaimed media personality, businessman, and outdoorsman. He rose to prominence after the family-centric reality show, Duck Dynasty. As a key part of his family business Duck Commander, Jase Robertson serves as the company’s COO and is responsible for innovating duck calls and fine-tuning them. He also co-owns Buck Commander- an outdoor products company.

Source Of Income

COO Of Duck Commander

Jase Robertson’s primary source of income is his family business company Duck Commander to which he serves as the COO. Moreover, he has what it takes to innovate and fine-tune duck calls. By investing his time, money, and skills in the company, he makes six-figure revenue, however, the exact numbers aren’t known.

Duck Dynasty

Another stream of income that adds to Jase Robertson’s net worth comes from Duck Dynasty. The show revolves around the Robertson family members, their business, lifestyle, and heritage. It aired from 2012 to 2017 on A&E and proved to be a huge commercial success. The show reportedly generated over $400 Million in revenue aside from $80 Million revenue through advertising sales.

The cast reportedly got $70K govt. earnings for each episode from the second half of 2014 and $200K for every single episode from the fourth season of the show. Not only huge sums, but the show’s craze also fetched the Robertson family spin-offs like  Duck Family Treasure, Buck Commander: Protected By Under Armor, and Duck Commander: Before The Dynasty

Published Work

Jase Robertson net worth also comprises a fine share from sales profit of his book: Good Call: Reflections On Faith, Family, and Fowl.


Jase & Missy Robertson Monroe House

Missy and Jase Robertson turned their Long Plantation in Monroe into a bread-and-breakfast. 

Jase Robertson Appearance

1 Eye Color: Grey
2 Hair Color: Brown
3 Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
4 Weight: 73 Kg

Personal Life

Jase Robertson married Missy Robertson in 1990. They have three kids together: Reed Robertson, Mia Robertson, and Cole Robertson. Jase’s love life is straight out of a movie and his fans are always intrigued to know about the couple’s meet-up. Well, no need to wait further, here is their story: They met in high school and reportedly shook hands on a mission called- how to make Jase’s ex jealous. The duo went out on a fake date to accomplish their mission and ended up being a real couple.

Jase Robertson Wife

They have been together for two decades now and are growing strong. The couple faces many stinging remarks on their marriage as some hold the view that Missy married Jase for money.

However, beating such remarks he said, “You hear people say ‘Oh these women married these guys for their money,’ because we’re successful now, but what they don’t realize is that when they met us, we didn’t have any money. We were all poor, and we’ve all been married for lots of years.” He further added, “I always think that’s comical. We really came from humble beginnings. It’s just been the American dream lived out, we do what we love to do, and it just worked out. But you know our wives are with us because of our spiritual qualities, which flies in the face of what most people think.” (Source: Yahoo Entertainment)


Speculations are that Jase and Missy adopted a kid. However, the reality seems to be far more different. The couple candidly addressed the rumors through their podcast and said it wasn’t their kid but a lady whom they have known previously. As per the podcast revelations, that lady was pregnant while imprisoned and signed her son over to Missy without any notice. Robertson’s family looked after the baby for a year before handing him over to one of the families present at his first birthday.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Jase Robertson Net Worth?

Jase Robertson net worth as of this writing is reported to be 8 Million USD.

What Is The Job Of Jase Robertson?

Jase Robertson serves as the CEO of Duck Dynasty. He is also a duck commander who specializes in fabricating the duck calls and finetuning them.

Who Is Jase Robertson Wife?

Jase Robertson tied the knot with Missy Robertson in 1990.

What Is Jase Robertson’s Age?

As of now, Jase Robertson is 54 years old. He was born on 16th August 1969.

Who Is The Richest In The Robertson family?

Willie Robertson is the richest of all in the Robertson family from the Duck Dynasty. His net worth, at the time of this writing, is estimated to be between $40-$45 Million.

Wrapping Up

Jase Robertson Net Worth is $8 Million as of now and he has garnered this wealth by working his fingers to the bone. He is the son of professional hunter Phil Alexander Hunter and works for Duck Commander- his family-owned business, and also serves as the COO of the company.

His primary job routine includes fabricating and fine-tuning duck calls. He also appeared in Duck Dynasty which added to his bank balance. The above article throws light on his life and earnings.

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