11 Youngest Billionaires Of 2022 Under 30 You Must Know About

11 Youngest Billionaires Of 2022 Under 30 You Must Know About

Having a bank balance over flooding with zeroes as a suffix at an early age is the dream of many. But being among the youngest billionaires isn’t a walk in the park. Though the journey and paths on this road differ for everyone, and so does the definition of success, there is one thing that has been the same for all successful people:- “consistent efforts.”

Let’s come across some of the youngest billionaires of this year who’ve made it to the Forbes list, including both self-made as well as those whose parents believed their kids would well-manage family-owned businesses.


World’s Youngest Billionaires Of 2022 Under 30

In the present times, where the blaze of luxurious life has swayed many to live in a world of overnight success, there are many few who realize that it takes going the whole nine yards and a lot of patience to get long-term success. Here are 11 names that made it to Forbes:


  • Kevin David Lehmann

Kevin is the top-rank youngest billionaire as per Forbes, with a net worth of 2.4 Billion USD at the age of 19.


Though there isn’t much to dig, Kevin has a 50% of stake in a German-based retail store- dm (drogerie markt), that his father transmitted in his name back in 2017. The company’s annual turnover goes beyond 12 Billion USD.


Kevin’s father did plough in this company a year after its inception, and today, the retail chain deals in healthcare products, cosmetics, and household products as well with over 3000 outlets. However, according to Forbes, neither son nor father is currently involved in dm’s operational activities.


  • Alexandr Wang

It seems 2022 has no shortage of self-made billionaires, and Alexandr Wang happens to be the other young one. Just 25, but Alexandr has been an avant-garde learner who was very much into coding and maths that he not only participated in national level competitions but his co-founded corporation- Scales AI, today rakes in projects from the American Army as well. Scales AI, which assists giant corporations like Toyota and Flexport in analyzing and automating the data, has an estimated value of 7.3 Billion USD, and Alexandr reportedly has a 15% share in that, making him the owner of 1 Billion USD net worth.


11 Youngest Billionaires Of 2022 Under 30 You Must Know About
Image Captions: pbs.twimg.com


Though a college dropout who went on to pursue his dream, he previously was full-time coding personnel at Quora. He co-founded Scales AI along with Lucy Guo, his colleague at Quora.


  • Wang Zeolang

Wang Zeolang, is another 25-year-old billionaire with a 1.7 Billion USD of net worth. All thanks to his stakes in Lomon Billions Group and CNNC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide, both are chemical firms.

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  • Pedro Franceschi

Pedro is the co-founder of Brex and has a net worth of 1.5 Billion USD. Pedro also serves Brex as a CEO apace with his friend Henrique Dubugras who is also one among the global youngest billionaires of 2022.

Now 25, Pedro was quite tech-savvy from his salad days and made several softwares and raked in quite a notable job offers before he and Henrique Dubgras together came out with Pagar.me, a software easing the hefts of managing pay for small business corporations running in Brazil, in 2013. Its sales to StoneCo were an over-the-top deal for both friends.

Soon after this, Pedro went to California for his further studies but it wasn’t even a year that he left the college to work upon Brex and launch it in 2017. The corporation’s estimated value stands at 12.3 Billion USD.


  • Henrique Dubugras

Remember we talked of Henrique Dubugras earlier? Yes, he happens to be Pedro Francheshi’s friend, co-founder as well as co-CEO of Brex Inc. Henrique and Pedro were first acquainted over social media and became partners in startups from there.

Henrique is just 26 and has a 1.5 Billion USD net worth. Seems quite tempting, right? But there is a lot he and Pedro have learned so far to flaunt this much wealth.

They both share quite similar interests, which happens to be the reason they have come up with ideas like Pagar.me, and resolved the issues that most of the startups were dwelling gloomily upon- funding. This is why when they both had the seed of an idea for another startup (which eventually turned out to be Brex) in mind, they both didn’t shy away from dropping out of Stanford.

With their continuous efforts and knowledge, they both raked in thousands of users for Brex’s card. The duo has been into running their much-adored project, Brex, for a longer time and is working on its ins and outs as a team.


  • Alexandra Andresen

26-year-old Alexandra Andresen is the other addition to the youngest billionaires around the globe. She currently has 1.3 Billion USD of net worth in her name and is an award-winning equestrian, and has raked in a plethora of titles in horse dressage competitions.


11 Youngest Billionaires Of 2022 Under 30 You Must Know About
Image Captions: whatsthenetworth.com


Even after being an heiress of a 42.2% stake in her father’s corporation- Ferd, Alexandra believes in saving. The company’s decisions are majorly still under the lookout of Alexandra’s father, Johan H. Andresen, who operates with a dual-class share structure.


  • Katharina Andresen

Just like her sister Alexandra, Kathrina is also one of the youngest billionaires. She has the same percentage of stake in Ferd as her sister. Apart from that, she reportedly is an intern at Ernst & Young. As for her net worth, she has 1.3 Billion USD in her name at the age of 27.

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  • Austin Rusell

Talking of the youngest billionaires, Austin Rusell can’t be left out. Now 27, Austin Rusell, a college dropout, became the youngest self-made billionaire at the age of 25 when his company- Luminar Technologies, got listed on Nasdaq. Of course, this success didn’t come overnight.



11 Youngest Billionaires Of 2022 Under 30 You Must Know About
Image Captions: i.insider.com


He was a keen physics admirer from the tender age of 2. Once he completed his graduation, he took up courses in applied physics at Stanford but left the university within 3 months as he raked in the prize of 100,000 USD under the Thiel Fellowship from PayPal’s co-founder.

He worked upon his idea of using lasers as detection signals (or lidar) majorly for ‘self-driving cars,’ and he finally reaped the fruits of his efforts when his stake in Luminar stood at 2.4 Billion USD making him the youngest self-made billionaire just at 25.

Today, he deals with giants like Volvo, Intel, and Volvo. Presently his net worth is 1 Billion USD.


  • Ryan Breslow

Ryan Breslow is another self-made billionaire who founded Bolt, which develops online payment softwares and gateways for the e-commerce industry. As of 2022, the 28-year-old entrepreneur’s project is estimated to be valued at around 11 Billion USD. Ryan felt it was the right time for him to bow out and divert his attention from formulating the company’s vision and culture, which is the reason he stepped down as CEO and started to serve as an executive chairman of the company. His present net worth is 2 Billion USD.


  • Gary Wang

Garry Wang, 29 years old MIT alumni, co-founded FTX- a reliable platform for crypto traders, back in 2019. The company is valued at 32 Billion USD, and Wang’s 16% stake makes him one of the youngest billionaires around the world, with a net worth amounting to 5.8 billion USD.


  • Gustav Magnar Witzoe

Getting a major stake in his father’s salmon-producing company- SalMar ASA., which happens to be one among the top salmon-producing farms globally, Gustav Magnar Witzoe holds 4.2 Billion USD net worth in his name. For the time being, Gustav’s father looks after the majority of operations at SalMar ASA., whereas the 29-year-old heir is occupied with real estate projects and tech startups like Keybutler and Gopi. He formerly worked at MGM Property.

The above list presents just a handful of billionaires under 30 around the world; the count is endless.

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