Blackpink’s Venom Is Taking The Lead In The Music Charts Today

Today’s music generation depicts the latest music video system with loud and exciting sound effects for its listener. One of the successful girl group singers is the blackpink, and now they have released a new music video titled Venom.

The music video for venom makes a massive hit in a day; not all-girl groups or singers can reach this level of engagement–which blackpink works to pull off with no sweat. 

People love them because all members are competitive and passionate about their work. They also cooperate in each line of lyrics they sing and give their best. 

Fans love the group because of their talents and how they show their thanks and gratitude. 

It is why each music video they released put a lot of effort, work and creativity into providing them with a good quality of music. 

Most music videos of blackpink are engaging because the genre of their songs is primarily electronic dance music with a mix of pop and elements of hip-hop. It is why millennials mainly prefer it. As you hear their songs, you can’t help but dance to the beat or sing along.

Even if the language is not universal, it catches everyone’s attention. Moreover, let’s explain why black venom is taking the lead in the music chart today without further ado.

The Members

Each member in Blackpink showcases their beauty, talents, and humor which catches the hearts of their audience. Members also have excellent communication; they understand everything they do well. 

However, people have their preferences and favorite blackpink members but rest assured that each member has their loyal supporters. 

Moreover, even though each member is quirky in person when they perform, they show you what real artists should be.

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Sound Effects And Graphics

In all music videos of the Blackpink group, you see how colorful and exciting their backdrops and scenes are. Most of their set is modern, which creates a phenomenal video until the end of the music. 

The music industry uses this technique in movies and live sex cams for porn sites. Besides, if the music video uses a light background and effects, people may watch it, but they won’t finish the video. 

Moreover, people are dwelling to finish each music video of blackpink because of how consistent the group is in giving a package deal performance. 

Genre Of Music

It is fun to hear music genres that will help you wake up your sleeping souls–which Blackpink did effortlessly. The music genre of blackpink songs is engaging, and you can’t resist making a small dance when you hear their music. 

The new music video of Blackpink the pink venom is quite different from their other music, which is loud and full of dance. Although they are some parts of the music video that they still dance to, they focus more on each member’s beauty through their solos. 

The concept is wise because each member has a fair share of lyrics to sing, which they can showcase their expertise. 


Of course, a successful music video is not about the music, graphics, and beat but also the artist that will complete the package. In blackpink, there’s no doubt that each of them knows how to dance perfectly. 

They know the correct projection of movies that significantly impact their viewers. Not only are their songs popular, but also their dance movies. Many individuals worldwide are dancing their moves and posting them on any social media platform. 

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Over All Concept

Blackpink raises the bar for girl groups worldwide; not only are they talented, but also they are good at everything. They got the overall package, becoming more exciting and inspiring to watch when they are together. 

The way they perform is similar to when they do it on stage. They are worth supporting because you can see to each member that they are driven and committed to their fans to give them a good show. 


Blackpink Venom is taking the lead in the music chart today because of its members, sound effects, graphics, genre of music, choreography, and overall concept. The girl group is indeed raising the bar on how to give an excellent performance in every music video. 

Today, many girl groups are made, but only a few manage to make a huge impact worldwide, and one of those groups is the Blackpink. When they release a music video, rest assured that people are hooked on every lyric.

Even though the song is in Korean, their management is considerate in translating it to the international market by putting subtitles–they genuinely attend to their demand; that’s why their fan base is growing. 

Moreover, each member portrays a different personality and humor, but when it comes to performing, they love working together and making an excellent performance. Artists like them are worth every fan base, likes, and followers. 

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