c design for social networks: what should you pay attention to?


In the information flow of social networks, brands face the difficult task of capturing the attention of users. Most people look first at the visual accompaniment of the post, and only then, if the picture hooked them, at the text. That is why social media post design is important today.

Follow the colour scheme

The choice of colours should not be random: shades form the brand image, convey its individuality, and most importantly, help to evoke the right emotions in users. Choose colours that match your brand or project goals.

At the same time, too bright or mismatched colours and cloudy shades can have the opposite effect and damage the company’s image. When looking for visual solutions for the design of social media posts, it is very important to strive for a balanced colour.

Pay attention to text

If your image requires a caption, it’s important to make sure that the image isn’t overloaded with text. To attract the attention of users, a small but capacious inscription is enough – one or two lines. It will avoid the semantic congestion of the image.

If your ideas are presented concisely and clearly (and most importantly, without errors), your brand has a competitive advantage: users are more willing to share a beautiful picture with weighted text.

The font has a significant impact on the perception of your brand. A well-chosen font is an effective means of conveying a message to social media users.

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The main mistake of many novice designers is too many fonts used in one project. Because of that, their work can look ridiculous and funny. If your plans do not include becoming a meme, you should be restrained when choosing fonts – there should not be a lot of them. In most cases, 2-3 fonts are enough for all projects in your social networks.

When choosing a font type, focus on your goals. The main thing is that the text is legible and easy to read, since most users will see your content not from the desktop, but from mobile devices.

Use contrast

Contrast makes it easier to perceive the content – it makes it easy to: 

  • set the accents;
  • highlight the main thing. 

It’s not only about combining the basic color of your images with the color of the inscriptions: contrast can also be used in forms.

Often, graphic design uses black lettering on a bright or pastel background, and vice versa. When developing solutions for your design, you can experiment with contrast and choose an out-of-the-ordinary option that will grab the audience’s attention.

It is worth considering that some experiments with contrast can harm the user experience. Balance and common sense are also important here.

Create design that reflects brand values

The choice of visual solutions in your brand’s social media must reflect its features. It is important to have consistency in the graphics for social networks, and ideally it is important to use storytelling, which will link your posts among themselves.

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There is no one-size-fits-all graphic design strategy that is perfect for everyone. Adapt these tips to your goals and do not be afraid to experiment while searching for your own visual concept.

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