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Wet Room Shower 

Traditional shower basins are slowly becoming a thing of the past. More and more homeowners and interior designers lean heavily into the fashion of placing open wet room showers in their bathrooms, providing a seamless transition into the shower area.

First, let us look closer at what makes a wet room. Conceptually, it is a combination of modern, celebrity-inspired aesthetics combined with extra utility. Wet rooms allow us to expand our shower space beyond what a standard basin has to offer. Moreover, they offer both a contemporary, and chic look while at the same time offering extra space for smaller bathrooms when the shower isn’t in use.

The construction of a wet room requires a lot of precision to set up properly. It is absolutely crucial to ensure the proper waterproofing of the shower in order to avoid spillage and property damage as a result of water leaking into the space below the bathroom floors.

In order to achieve proper waterproofing, it is necessary to ensure our installation has an efficient drainage system, is properly sloped, and, most importantly, creates a watertight seal achieved through the use of sealing chemicals and sealing mats.

Aside from the aforementioned sealing materials, the key element of every wet room is the shower tray, placed directly under the shower area. It serves as the base on which your chosen tiles or alternative surface will be placed.

Wet Room Shower Tray – The Foundation of Your Wet Room

Wet room shower trays, also known as wet room tray formers, are prefabricated elements installed directly under the floor cover. They function as a shower base for our installation and come with a ready-made slot for our chosen drain type. Additionally, these shower trays also create the proper slope for the shower area, reducing labour intensity during installation and ensuring an even fall regardless of the precision of work or lack thereof.

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Key Advantages of Wet Room Shower Trays

In contrast with traditional shower trays, wet room showers offer a slew of benefits. First, of course, comes the modern, minimalistic effect that comes with the seamless integration of the shower tray into the floor surface. Whether you choose to integrate glass screens to section off the shower area, or choose to have it perfectly blend into the bathroom as a whole, a wet room is bound to please and impress.

Another noteworthy aspect of employing wet room shower trays is the accessibility they offer. The lack of raised surfaces, ridges and the possibility of choosing the right floor cover to suit our needs make them a perfect choice when designing a shower space with comfort, safety, or mobility impairment in mind.

Lastly, in contrast to a traditional shower tray, wet room trays offer unparalleled customisation options. With a variety of designs available on the market, they can be installed in virtually any part of the bathroom and can be paired with various drain types, such as the linear drain or square drain – ensuring great accessibility without compromising looks.

Things to Remember When Choosing a Wet Room Tray

When choosing the right wet room tray, we must consider a few key factors. First of all, comes size and shape. With a specific shower installation in mind, we need to choose a shower tray of the right size, shape, and thickness. While wet room shower trays come in a wide range of dimensions, they can be easily cut down and adjusted to size, ensuring we will be able to achieve a perfect fit and level surface with ease.

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The next thing we must take into consideration is the type of material used to finish our shower. Wetroom shower trays can accommodate a wide range of floor designs, including:

  • tiled floors;
  • timber floors;
  • vinyl floors;
  • microcement surfaces.

Each material will require the use of dedicated shower tray kits with the right density and thickness to support and complement its individual properties. Another aspect we’ll need to consider is the choice of the right drain. Aside from choosing the correct shape, linear or square, we must remember that different floors will require specific drain installation systems.

Lastly, we should take an in-depth look at the wetroom installation procedure and ensure we purchase a shower tray compatible with our overall wet room system. Ideally, we want to think back to the dimensions of our chosen product, so that minimal effort will be required to further adjust them to the level of our floor and underfloor heating systems. Additionally, we need to acquire the right set of waterproofing materials intended for use with our chosen flooring solution to ensure optimal watertightness.

While all this might seem overwhelming at first, offers a diverse range of wet room shower trays, waterproofing materials, and wet room kits in one place. Their range of wet room products is well described, and the system for assembling the right wetroom kit is quite intuitive and thorough, ensuring we’ll choose the right setup in one go.



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