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The place where you spend most of your time has a great influence on your state and emotions.  Therefore, interior design plays a special role not only for comfortable living in the house, but also for the harmonious internal state of the person.  In order to always be up to date with interior trends and styles, you can follow the interior design blog.  Many interior designers share their views and creative ideas in their personal blogs.


Why should you follow the advice of professionals?

Human psychology is arranged in such a way that material things and the space around a person forms the internal state.  Because of the peculiarities of interior design a person can: 

  • feel good or depressed; 
  • get positive or negative emotions; 
  • experience an inflow of new energy; 
  • conversely, lose inspiration.

For example, large rooms with high ceilings increase the level of inspiration and enthusiasm, and low ceilings help to concentrate.


The bedroom plays a particularly important role in an apartment or building, because in this room a person recovers and relaxes.  Therefore, it is necessary that the color of the walls, furniture and decor elements should contribute to relaxation, and not cause aggression.  Professionals advise to add greenery, plants and flowers to the room, because such natural elements contribute to relaxation and calm the nervous system.  And it is not advised to add pictures or photos of the big city, a lot of people or loud concerts in the bedroom, because they excite the emotional system and fatigue a person.

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Thus, interior design is not only about equipping the room for comfortable living, but also about attention to detail.  Professionals in their business can always share advice on what decor elements to buy in different rooms, so that your home will be a place of inspiration and comfort.

Why do you need a blog if you are a professional interior designer?

People need creative opinions from professionals so they always know about new styles and trends in interior design.  A professional’s blog is a conversation between an interior designer and those who want to live in a cozy and comfortable home and add harmonious decorative elements to it.


With a personal blog, interior designers can not only improve their skills, but also find new clients through relevant advice.  Also, the blog is an opportunity to form a portfolio and to establish oneself in the market of professionals.

It is not always easy for interior designers to find new clients, so a personal page is a type of branding.  Quality interior photos, interesting combinations of styles and trends, creativity and an unconventional approach are what clients are looking for.  People don’t want to see complicated calculations or outlined graphics of design projects.  What is important to them is a picture that they want to bring to life.


That’s why interior designer blogs are valuable for both professionals and those who want to add uniqueness and creativity to their homes.  People can find designer tips and ideas for free, and professionals can establish themselves and improve their portfolios.

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