Connecting the Dots: How the Power of Networking Helps Andres Arellano Drive Businesses Forward

Andres Arellano

Andres Arellano, Strategic Partnership Director at Skypod

Hemingway wrote in The Old Man and the Sea, “Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is.” Indeed, instead of revolving around constant “what if”, it’s best to focus on what you already have and try to make the most of it. And Andres Arellano, a Strategic Partnership Director at Skypod, is living proof that such an approach pays off in the end.

5 Industries, 6 Countries, 1 Entrepreneur

Andres Arellano didn’t become a global business generator overnight. It was a long path that started in Ecuador, where Andres was born. Back then, he dreamt about becoming an entrepreneur and making an impact in the world. Time, effort, passion, and a will to succeed – these are the ingredients of his success. 

So far, Andres has worked across the automotive, lifestyle, fashion, hospitality, and IT industries. The companies were versatile and were located in Italy, Ecuador, India, the USA, Mexico, and Israel. Currently, Andres is a New York-based sales generator having worked with renowned fashion houses including Versace, Zilli, Gucci, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Kiton. In addition to fashion, emerging out of the pandemic in 2021, he became Strategic Partnership Director at Skypod – a cloud storage service that allows users to leave their legacy in digital time capsules. It’s an innovative solution for those who want to share a message with their loved ones. How did it all get started, though?

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Passion for Meaningful Connections

Andres started his career path as a sales manager in the fashion industry. He honed his skills and convinced a local Ecuador fashion house to give him a sales position. This opportunity gave Mr. Arellano the confidence to focus on relocating and greater achievements. 

Upon arriving in the USA, Andres continued working in the fashion industry. He quickly engaged key clients who visited the city. Mr. Arellano proved to be the image consultant for both power suit CEOs and Silicon Valley’s hoodie culture.

Overall, the job involved a lot of networking and building connections, and Andres was a quick study. He always valued tight-knit relationships, be they with partners, friends, or family. That’s exactly why he managed to quickly build a rapport with talented specialists, executives, and investors. 

With time, Andres realized that having a wide network of diversified professionals could help make a difference in the world, and he started to explore different niches. He introduced CEOs, industry titans, entertainers, and philanthropists to drive value across the globe. Andres connects businesses together strategically. One such opportunity was upon meeting Indian businessman, philanthropist, and investor Ratan Tata. Leveraging his prior relationships while in Houston, Andres facilitated a chance meeting between the Chairman and Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim Helu. 

Although no partnership was formed, as a global strategic visionary, Andres was a catalyst for the Indian auto manufacturer’s expansion into Latin America. He struck a relationship with a local auto retailer in Ecuador, Group Hidrobo, and nurtured the opportunity until an opportunity to become a Tata Motors distributor was achieved.

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The Craft of Connecting the Dots

Learn it once, and you will be able to repeat it again and again – this is the principle that helped Andres succeed across six industries. Mr. Arellano points to trust and respect as the keys to forming mutually beneficial relationships. Whatever industry he entered, these principles always brought him strong bonds with his counterparts. 

With maturity, Andres observed the global climate, recognizing that he could expand his reach beyond the business landscape. Today, he devotes a lot of time to charity, contributing to Lapo Elkann’s humanitarian charity, the LAPS Foundation that supports regions economically recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, and helping Ukrainian refugees. 

Building opportunities with innovative brands that strive to help people across the globe is another passion. His interest was piqued by Skypod’s technology to facilitate a way to build a strong rapport with loved ones, even after they are gone. Ultimately, what truly matters while we are on this planet – is the impact one makes on the lives of others. 

As a strategic partnership director, Andres supports numerous philanthropic initiatives while generating awareness for the innovative digital time capsule service across all continents. He believes Skypod to be a revolutionary solution to leave a legacy by sharing insights and life lessons with their families and even the world – to be remembered forever. After all, these lessons if carried forward have the potential to positively impact future generations.

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