Tiger King fame Carole Baskin Roped in for Dancing With the Stars

Tiger King fame Carole Baskin

Tiger King fame Carole Baskin is all set to groove at the ballroom floor of Dancing With the Stars. The announcement about the large cat activist competing in Season 29 was revealed recently. She will be making her debut with “Eye of the Tiger” – the Survivor’s classic number.

While speaking to reporters during a press conference, she said that her chosen song “Eye of the Tiger” was approved. She also said that if her fans are expecting her costume to have fur, they are wrong. The much-awaited look will be styled without having fur, feather, or leather materials.

Tiger King fame Carole Baskin reveals prep for Dancing With the Stars

Carole Baskin revealed in an interview that she hopes to compete for the mirror ball trophy and to change people’s perspective about her. The Big Cat Rescue lead was introduced to the world through a Netflix documentary named “Tiger King.” It reveals her rival called Joe Exotic, who had hired a hitman to get her killed. The man is now in prison after being sentenced for 22 years for the same.

Carole Baskin reported that the Netflix documentary showed her as a villain. So, she hopes that people will get to know who she is with the reality show. The activist wants to give us the message that has been missed in the Tiger King. She also said that she is trying hard to fight against animal abuse, which needs to stop.

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The People magazine was updated about how Baskin’s dance rehearsals have been going. She said that dancing is much easier than she thought it would be. She also revealed that while looking at videos on YouTube, she thought she wouldn’t manage to go through such training. But now she believes that she will be able to do this.

Carole went on to say that her growing public presence will give her a chance to shed light on big cats. People must realize that big cats don’t deserve to be in cages. She will try her best to put out this message and be as good as possible in the show.

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