Tiger King Fame Carole Baskin Is Facing Lawsuit From Husband’s Family

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The entertainment news industry is now buzzing with the news of Tiger King fame Carole Baskin facing a lawsuit from the family of Don Lewis, her husband. It is the same man who had suddenly disappeared back in 1997 and was later presumed dead.

Don’s family is trying to get to the roots of what had happened years back. They are also willing to give a $100,000 (£76,300) reward to anyone who will inform them about the man. The Lewis family lawyer, in this regard, has filed a lawsuit to pressurize Carole Baskin to spill out information about the mysterious disappearance of her husband. The man was suddenly lost just a day before a  trip to Costa Rica. Later, he was declared dead in 2002.

Years back, when Baskin and Lewis were happily together, they started their animal sanctuary. It has now become very popular and goes by the name of the Big Cat Rescue Corporation. They were still married during the time of his disappearance. However, Don was already working with his lawyer regarding a restraining order against Carole from two months earlier.

The incident was so shocking that it also became a part of a Netflix series called ‘Unsavoury Lies.’ The story showed theories that could support the incident and also suggested that the Tiger King fame could be responsible for her husband’s disappearance. She is the one who received the majority portion of her Don Lewis’ estate worth $6m (£4.5m).

Carole Baskin denies rumors of involvement

Later, we got to know about Baskin’s opinion about the news of her involvement in the incident, and she straightaway denied it. Carole says that she has no hand in the incident and that the ‘Unsavoury Lies’ is just a way of earning money by attracting people. On the contrary, she has revealed to investigators about several sightings in Costa Rica. Besides, she has also confessed that her husband was involved with gangsters. However, police have not arrested anyone regarding this case due to a lack of enough evidence.

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On Monday, August 10, Gale Rathbone, youngest daughter of Don Lewis spoke at length about the renewal of the case. Rathbone states that the family intends to reach the root cause of the incident and to find proper closure. She added that it was overwhelming to get support from so many people. It now feels like so many people are mourning her family’s tragedy. She believes that they will all find success in this collective mission to search for the truth.

Gale Rathbone said that everyone knows how Don Lewis was not a perfect man. However, she wants to question whether justice prevails only for the perfect people. On the other hand, Carole Baskin says in front of the media that she will not discuss the pending litigation until there is a final resolution. She adds that until now she thought that the August 10 press conference was nothing but a publicity stunt. However, now she is aware of the pending litigation.

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