Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Gets Engaged After Five Years of Dating

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

The official engagement announcement of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani comes out finally! The coaches of The Voice were dating each other for the past five years, and it seems wedding bells are finally going to ring. The announcement was adorable, with Gwen posting a picture of her ring on Instagram on October 27, Tuesday.

The caption says, “Yes, please,” in which Gwen also tags Shelton. In the same post, we find Shelton’s comment who thanks to his lady, saying that he gets a yes that saves his year and his whole life. It was a romantic conversation, and fans are continuously commenting on the same thread to congratulate the couple.

Blake Shelton’s representative finally confirms the news in front of the media, saying that the engagement took place in Oklahoma. We are yet to know more about the proposal and how it all happened. The singers first met on the sets of The Voice. 

There they were both coaching the contestants and judging them too. It was then that they both started getting closer to each other and finally fell in love. In 2015, they were beginning dating, and since then, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are almost inseparable. Recently, the couple won the CMT Music Award for their outstanding collaboration, “Nobody But You.” The award ceremony took place on October 21.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are each other’s support system.

The couple has stuck to their confession that both of their broken marriages brought them closer, emotionally. Moreover, the best thing to watch is how they support each other all the time. During a Billboard interview, Shelton recalled how he fell in love with Stefani. Plus, he thanks her repeatedly for how she was by his side while coping with heartbreak. Besides, both of them helped each other overcome the challenging phase of their lives. Blake recalls the day when he looked over Gwen, and he did not even know her, but she was weeping with big tears in her eyes.

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Blake, 44, states that there was a time when he did not believe that it was anything beyond a consolation conversation. However, to his utter surprise, Gwen came up to him and said that she was going through a very similar situation and that she hates it too. Blake also says that Gwen is his savior because no one else can understand the mess of separating from a high-profile musician.

While Gwen always nodded to her being in a relationship, she has always denied rumors of marriage. The 51-year old singer was in total denial when Dua Lipa called Blake her husband. Gwen Stefani is yet to comment on whether she and Blake are heading towards walking the aisle together anytime soon. However, fans and colleagues are eagerly waiting for the happy announcement.

While Dua Lipa was temporarily hosting the Jimmy Kimmel Show in place, she asked Gwen a question. Lipa asked Gwen how she was enjoying quarantining with her husband on the Oklahoma Rance. However, Gwen paused and said that Blake was not her husband, but it sounds good that way!

Caring for the partner’s family is overwhelming.

Gwen Stefani is a mother to her three children from her marriage with Gavin Rossdale, Bush singer. They are Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo Rossdale. On the other hand, Miranda Lambert was the wife of Blake Shelton, whose separation took place in 2015. Over the years of dating, Stefani states that Blake is like a father figure to her kids, and it is sometimes scary too.

Gwen says that remembering that the kids are spending time with her fiancée is sometimes overwhelming. It is also a big responsibility because they are growing up, and every action of the parent counts in their life. During the pandemic, all of them are staying together in Blake’s Oklahoma ranch, and they are so happy. The singer says that he wishes all this was there in his life earlier as well. It is so surprising that he enjoys doing petty things like picking blackberries like never before.

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