Carole Baskin of Tiger King Fame Gets the Control of Joe Exotic’s Zoo

Carole Baskin

Besieged zoo owner recently suffered the indignity of competitor Carole Baskin when she was declared owner of the property. It is the news of Joe Exotic of Netflix’s Tiger King fame and his long-time rival Carole Baskin. The latter has an organization called Big Cat Rescue. Also, she is a self-proclaimed conservationist from Hillsborough County, Florida. The zoo that she is the owner of now is located in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

Baskin acquired the property after winning a lawsuit against Joe Exotic. He was accused of infringement of copyrights and trademark. It is because Exotic failed to compensate Baskin with the $1 million penalties that he had to giveaway the zoo property. Joe Exotic aka Joseph Maldonado-Passage is now serving a 22-year sentence in prison. He was charged with murder and several cases of animal abuse.

Till the time the judgment was due, the zoo was being managed and owned by another duo. It was Shirley Shreibvogel, mother of Joe Exotic, and Jeff Lowe, an associate. On the other hand, Carole Baskin had already filed a suit regarding the property. She claimed that it was transferred fraudulently in the name of Lowe and Shreibvogel. It is because Maldonado did not want his creditors to claim the property. Also, he was denying the money that he owed them.

Baskin included herself in the list of creditors of course! Before the debt issue, she had already sued Maldonado-Passage for the infringement of copyright issues. She claimed that he had wrongly made use of the images and logo of her company without her approval. Now, according to the latest judgment by the court, Jeff Lowe has just 4 months to vacate the zoo. Also, the name will be changed because it was chosen by Maldonado along with the removal of animals.

About The Tiger King

With the intriguing subtitle that reads “Murder, Mayhem, and Madness”, Tiger King has been one of the biggest hits on Netflix. It was released in March and has been watched millions of times over the word. Moreover, to be precise, it had already crossed 64 million views within a month in April. Both Carole Baskin and Maldonado-Passage turned into cult figures after the release of this show on Netflix. In it, Baskin was accused of a heinous crime. She is alleged to have killed her husband Jack ‘Don’ Lewis, and fed the body to her ‘big cats’. However, the woman has outright denied such serious claims.

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The popularity and effect of the show are so much that other makers are now inspired to work on this story as well. Moreover, according to sources, there is going to be an upcoming series of TV miniseries revolving around the story. In this, Nicolas Cage will play Maldonado-Passage. It will also be the central character of a real-life inspired story. On the one hand, Maldonado is unhappy with the decision. However, his mother seems to be oblivious. According to him, and wife Lauren, they had already anticipated the decision. However, they are happy that the judgment was delayed. It is because now they have their new Tiger King Park in the Thackerville area of Oklahoma.

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