Luxury Goods Worth $1m Stolen From Beyonce’s Storage Units in LA

Luxury Goods Worth $1m Stolen From Beyonce's Storage Units in LA

The celebrated US pop star Beyonce became the recent victim of storage burglary. Thieves broke into her units in LA and stole luxury goods worth over $1m.

Beyonce’s production company named Parkwood Entertainment, has the space on rent. Law enforcement said that there were burglaries earlier also on Beyonce’s storage. The thieves broke the storage space two times in the same month. They took the pop star’s expensive outfits, handbags, and other pricey stuff.

Beyonce lost things that she had an emotional attachment with

There were some items that the burglars took away that hold very high significance to Queen Bey. Burglars stole those items in their first attempt.

Moreover, the burglars made two heists in just a week’s interval. They broke Beyonce’s three storage units in LA and took kids’ toys, pictures that belong to the stylists of Beyonce.

Miley Cyrus too lost luxury goods due to theft

The American Grammy record-holder is not the first celebrity victim of such burglary. There were reports of such an incident with Miley Cyrus in LA too.

Miley Cyrus faced the same kind of burglary. Thieves had stolen her outfits, mementos, and family pictures from her storage area. She had a lot of sentiments with those lost mementos.

LAPD did not arrest anyone, but investigations are ongoing

LAPD is investigating the two heists which took place at Beyonce’s storage space. However, there is no news of arrests yet from the police department of Los Angeles (LAPD). The media tried to contact the singer’s representative for her comment but still no word from her end.

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The unfortunate event has upset the famous singer as she is going through a rough phase as she achieved a record-breaking triumph at this year’s Grammy. She is now the singer with the most number of Grammy awards.

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