4 Amazing Things to Do in Bangkok

Bangkok market

For millions of people around the world, Thailand is at the top of their travel bucket list on market. This stunning South East Asia paradise is known for having fabulous beaches, ancient ruins and city and night life like no other. 

The moment you step foot in this country, you might start looking for a place to settle down and never go home. Choosing instead to soak up the sun and warm and friendly atmosphere the locals provide.

Moreover, the biggest problem you might encounter is what to do first. Locals who are used to the wonders around them might be content with online entertainment like Thailandonlinecasino.com. However, as a tourist you should spend every moment enjoying the cities and beaches.

How About A Visit to The Grand Palace?

Probably the most famous site in Bangkok, The Grand Palace is a must-see. For the last 150 years, the palace has housed the king of Thailand, along with the court and government. The building also serves as the Royal Mint. 

There is much to see at the 218, 400 square meters palace and you are sure to be impressed by every second spent exploring it. 

Fun Fact: There is a very strict dress code for visiting the palace. Which you will want to take into account to avoid embarrassment when you arrive. 

Go Shopping at an Incredible Floating Market

There’s not one, but several floating markets in Thailand. However, the biggest one is about 100 kilometers outside of Bangkok, but it’s worth the trek. The market exists along the canals where sellers promote tons of delicious foods, fruits, vegetables and more. Go back in time to the way things were don’t a hundred years ago. 

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The scene is worthy of hundreds of pictures but do your best to take in the moment and score some fabulous deals. 

The Sathorn Unique Tower

In the centre of Bangkok, you’ll find the enormous Sathorn Unique Tower, an abandoned building that is a fixture on many travel blogs. The building was built in the nineties but was never completed due to the global financial crisis at that time. 

While not necessarily a tourist attraction that charges a fee, the building is a stunning site you do not want to miss. Furthermore, a small fee to the building’s security guard might afford you entrance to check out the interior. 

One thing that’s for sure, is that you won’t find a better view of the city of Bangkok anywhere else. Keep in mind that locals consider the building to be haunted, so enter at your own risk.

Finish Your Adventures with a World-Famous Thai Massage

You cannot leave Thailand without first finding out what all the fuss is about Thai massages. The style of massaging is special because it incorporates body stretching as well as soothing your pressure points. The experience will leave you rejuvenated and feeling total bliss. 

Moreover, there are Thai massage parlors in every city and small town, and you won’t believe how cheap it is compared to what they cost at home.

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