Famous Rapper Iggy Azalea Confirms About the Existence of Her Son

Famous Rapper Iggy Azalea Confirms About the Existence of Her Son

Last week on Wednesday, rapper Iggy Azalea took to Instagram to share a part of her private life. She revealed to the audience that she has a son and that it was the first time she was sharing the news publicly. The real name of the famous rapper is Amethyst Amelia Kelly, and she has a son with her rapper boyfriend Playboi Carti. His real name is Jordan Terrell Carter, and they both have been dating each other since 2018.

She captioned her Instagram story saying that she had always wanted to keep her personal life private but not a secret. So, she would never want her son to feel that he has been ignored and not loved properly. In the emotional note, she mentioned how she was in a dilemma of whether she wanted to let the world know about her parenthood. She wrote that she has a son and that she was waiting for the perfect time to reveal the news to everyone. However, every passing day she was realizing that hiding such news was leading to more anxiety.

The inhibition of sharing such important news with the world was taking over her. So, she feels that this is the right time for everyone to know. However, keeping her personal life private is something that she still prefers. Besides, she wants her son to know that he was never a secret and that his mom loves him beyond words.

After making the announcement, fans were eager to know more but were disappointed. Azalea did not share the name of her baby boy nor did she post any picture of him. Well, it seems that she only made his existence public and nothing else is coming out anytime soon.

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What happened before the news?

Despite all the confusion, there are strong hints that the baby’s father is none other than Iggy’s partner and fellow rapper Playboi Carti. However, none of the parents had earlier come up with the news publicly. Back in December, there was news from close sources that rapper Iggy Azalea was six months pregnant at that time. We could not be sure if the news was completely true because there was no information from the couple’s side. They have always kept mum about everything that happens in their personal life.

One year after they started dating in 2018, Carti opened up to the media to make the relationship public. It was when Playboi Carti was out on a music tour. Soon later, they moved in together and there has since been no other update. Cart once told the media in an interview that Azalea was an extremely private person and has a strong influence on him. He adds that he simply cuts off from everyone else and the whole world when he starts talking to her. Later Azalea also publicly addressed the six-year age difference between her and Carter. She defended their relationship saying there is nothing abnormal about such an age gap.

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