The Bradshaw Bunch Season 2: Have A Good Brunch With A Bunch Of Bradshaws

The Bradshaw Bunch Season 2: Have A Good Brunch With A Bunch Of Bradshaws

If you happen to adore Terry Paxton Bradshaw, you must’ve witnessed the iconic reality show The Bradshaw Bunch.

The E! Entertainment reality show featuring Terry Bradshaw, The Bradshaw Bunch, has always been a treat for the eyes. The show aired on September 17, 2020, for the first time and revolved around the Bradshaw family and how they deal with the stuntful events around them.

Season 1 gave the viewers a lot of excitement, laughter, and emotional dealings while the Bradshaw’s were at their popular 744-acre ranch in Oklahoma. And, the show’s fans made it the most-watched reality TV show of that time, which undoubtedly demanded a new season. Good for fans’ ears! They got “The Bradshaw Bunch Season 2.”

The show’s entire cast made the Americans go hooting, and Terry’s sense of humor kept us all tied throughout. From family drama to standing by each other’s side, from father-daughter relationship to sisters trivia, the show gave several memories to hold on to.

Terry & Tammy have entertained us a lot. Remember when Terry pranked Tammy with fried beans in her chocolate ice cream. We can’t forget Terry’s laugh at Tammy’s question, “Take your glasses off. Now tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about.” Terry must’ve remembered who he’s messing with.


The Bradshaw Bunch Season 2: Have A Good Brunch With A Bunch Of Bradshaws
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We loved the bond between Zurie (daughter of Lacey Hester Bradshaw) and Terry; after all, that pranking with the prankster “fried beans chocolate ice cream” was hers. 

Terry even said on the show that he and Zurie share a special bond. And even though he knew he couldn’t outsmart her with that “Unicorn,” he gave it a shot!

The four-time Super Bowl Champion loves spending time with his family and especially his grandchildren. Considering how occupied his life has been from being a football player to an NFL analyst and TV Host turned actor, it’s quite understandable.

Rachel Bradshaw, the eldest of all the daughters, a real-estate agent trying to figure it all out after her husband Rob Bironas died in an accident back in 2014, is also a songwriter and singer. It won’t be wrong to say Terry himself has been an inspiration and the reason for her interest in this area of art. In fact, the former QB player also knows how to play guitar and made Rachel shake hands with music with their favourite track, “Crazy” by Pasta Cline. The father-daughter duo has been seen singing the track on a number of appearances.

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Apart from being a hard worker, Rachel has a very entertaining personality. Her answer to the host of the Family Feud regarding one thing that she would make fun of about Superman got everybody howling. Well, she said “His Mask,” she realized later that he never wore a mask! Did he?

The Bradshaw Bunch Season 2: Have A Good Brunch With A Bunch Of Bradshaws
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The Bradshaw Bunch Season 2 was long-awaited before it aired. Nevertheless, the “Married…with Children” actor emphasizes the fact that he never had any intent to drag episodes out of the blue. He just wanted to make people laugh watching how Bradshaw’s are in real life, which as per him, is “crazy.”

He further adds that making a long live show out of family drama doesn’t sound like a good idea to him.

The plot initiates picturing the family’s reunion in Hawaii where Mr. and Mrs. Bradshaw persuaded Erin (the youngest daughter of Terry and his ex-wife Charlotte Hopkins) to move in with them. Erin holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Texas, is a World Champion Equestrian, married to Scott Weiss, and has quite an alluring career. Just like everybody else, Erin has also got a life full of adventures to deal with.

As a father, the “I’m So Lonesome, I Could Cry” singer has always been seen backing her up and advising her. Erin announced her pregnancy in The Bradshaw Bunch Season 2 and took to Instagram sharing about her first daughter’s birth. Not to mention, the fans went wowed the internet making it a hot topic back then.

The Bradshaw Bunch Season 2: Have A Good Brunch With A Bunch Of Bradshaws
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The Bradshaw family gave the public crying laughter while getting along with all the fame, professional life, responsibilities, insecurities, and unprecedented situations.

Lacey Hester Bradshaw, who in reality is Terry’s stepdaughter, is married to a professional chef Noah Hester. Noah and Lacey are parents of two kids, namely Zurie and Jeb (Noah is Zurie’s stepfather). Lacey trains a high school girls basketball team as a coach.

Besides Lacey, Tammy had one more kid from her previous marriage with David Luttrull, who was Cody Luttrull. Cody has never been a part of the show because of his demise a long time back before the start of The Bradshaw Bunch, but both Lacey and Tammy recall their shared memories with him on the show. In an episode of The Bradshaw Bunch Season 2, Lacey even opened up about how the drug overdose took her brother away from them.

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Terry loves Lacey and doesn’t regard her any less than his own daughter. He shares a profound connection with Zurie. He labels what they have as “special” and is amazed by the smartness of the 7 years old. She has won many hearts by her cute, daring, and carefree attitude and often seems to be the one who commands her grandfather, the patriarch of the Bradshaw family.

Zurie is very fond of horse riding, as is her aunt Erin and grandfather Terry. She is, in fact, the first prize holder in the competition at Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses (TBQH) in July 2020.

It is quite impressive that she is the young title adder to Bradshaw’s legacy at the age of 7.

Jeb Hester, the little angel of the Bradshaw’s, as his mother refers to him, is the little munchkin on the show. He cracks Terry every time with his innocence and overloaded cuteness. He’s the youngest on the show who never fails to spread his charm and can’t go unnoticed.

The NFL host seemed to have quite a chemistry with his son-in-law as well. He addressed many of the serious issues going around them.

Undoubtedly, the fans are having a hard time accepting that The Bradshaw Bunch Season 2 has also ended, and while we’re still not over it, we all together look forward to the next season. Fingers cross!


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