Terry Bradshaw Net Worth: An Unattainable High-Peaked Career

Terry Bradshaw net worth: an unattainable high-peaked career

The estimated net worth of the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Paxton Bradshaw is approx. $45 million. The National Football League (NFL) player has backed a number of titles in his name. He is one of the most renowned names in the history of football. Apart from being a charm among the football fanbase, Terry proved his excellence as an actor, singer and TV host.

Let’s take a look into Terry Bradshaw net worth throughout his journey from a prominent QB player to an enthusiastic TV show host.

The footballer’s journey later developed several interests that would amaze you and make you think how a single person can possess so many talents that are surely paying him off today!

Eminent QB for Pittsburgh Steelers

Commencing his journey from 1970, Terry has been an irreplaceable talent for the Pittsburgh Steelers. As a quarterback for 14 years, he won four Super Bowl titles and became the one to lead the Pittsburgh Steelers to the eighth AFC Central Championship. As per the reports, he was paid a whopping amount of $470000 for his final season in the NFL. “Immaculate Reception” is one of his most adored plays in NFL history.

The Louisiana Tech University graduate earned the Golden Plate Award of the American Academy of Achievement (AAA), broke all the records, and became a dominant player to grab a space in Louisiana Tech Sports Hall of Fame for several years. NFL career has a crucial role in Terry Bradshaw net worth.

TV Analyst & Host

Following his retirement, Bradshaw joined CBS as NFL Analyst in 1984. He later served THE NFL Today as a Television Studio Analyst. Bradshaw’s sense of humor did him a favor, projecting him as a Co-Host in Fox NFL Sunday. His reported salary at Fox NFL was $2 million per year.

Terry worked for several other television appearances and aced his roles, be it a question putter in Ten Yards or an award show host in Terry Award and booked three Sports Emmy Awards in his name as a Studio Analyst.

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Terry Bradshaw Net Worth: An Unattainable High-Peaked Career
Image Credit: staticg.sportskeeda.com

Bradshaw’s current salary as of now is $ 5 million per year as an NFL Analyst.

Acting Career

Blessed with an exceptional sports performer aura, Bradshaw didn’t shy away from trying his hands on acting. He made appearances in several shows, namely The Masked Singer, Modern Family, King of the Hill, Father Figures, Malcolm in the Middle, Married…, with Children. Nevertheless, there isn’t much to dig on about how much money he made from acting, but sure, it has swayed Terry’s popularity and his financial statistics.


His impeccable work can be seen in several movies, including Hooper, The Cannonball Run, The Adventures of Brisco County and many more. “Failure to Launch” is the most remarkable of all. 

Real Estate

The Bradshaw Bunch featured persona is also a huge investor in real estate. He is a property holder in Oklahoma, Hawaii, and Florida. Terry has a 744-acre ranch called Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horse Ranch. It seems that he is quite vested in the sale and purchase of properties. Each one of these Shreveport based footballer’s ranch is a fascination for many of us.

But, Terry had to face many gutch-retching ups and downs due to the 2008 big crash. From owning $13 million worth of properties to losing somewhere around $900000 selling all of them wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the smartest one, as per his advisors.

This only thing was so huge that it could have driven Terry Bradshaw net worth to the ashes.

His recent sellings include a 12-acre Hawaii home which was sold for $2.7 million. In 2019 alone, he sold his two properties yielding him around $11.6 million.

In 2020, Terry sold his property in Bradenton for $1.4 million.


Love for planes

Terry is a great admirer of planes and owns several jets as well. He generates revenues by purchasing planes and then selling them on profit. He often labels this habit of his as “flipping planes”. He, in fact, mentions this to be a key ingredient of the recipe of Terry Bradshaw net worth.

Album Records


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Terry Bradshaw Net Worth: An Unattainable High-Peaked Career
Image Credit: musicrow.com

Unbelievable, it might sound, but that’s true. Apart from being a professional football player and TV show host and analyst, Mr. Bradshaw has also earned the title of a “singer”.

His works include Until You; I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, Here in My Heart, Here Comes My Baby Back Again and a few others. His latest is “Quarantine Crazy”, which got released in 2020 (well, that must have been clear from the name).

Die-hard for autograph

It won’t be wrong to say that the iconic player’s autograph’s selling price is as auspicious as Terry Bradshaw net worth. His autograph goes away at $ 60.


Throughout his career, Terry grew tremendously; he was awarded as 4 times Super Bowl Champion, 2 times Super Bowl Most Valuable Person (MVP), 1978 NFL MVP, First Team All-Pro, 1978 Bert Bell Award, and many more. These are just a glimpse of some of the records that Terry booked for. 


Bradshaw has been running a total of 4 foundations, namely Make-A-Wish Foundation, American Humane Foundation, Friars Foundation & New York Restoration Project. He spends his shard earned serving manifold causes. A few are listed below:-

  • Creative Arts
  • Human Rights
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Veteran Member Support
Terry Bradshaw Net Worth: An Unattainable High-Peaked Career
Image Credit: totalprosports.com

A Quick Look

Terry Bradshaw is a renowned name in the football fandom and a businessman, philanthropist, TV host, NFL analyst, and an incredible actor.

Born and brought up in Shreveport, he was interested in football from a very early age. He played and got his skills developed in the field very particularly. Terry Bradshaw net worth is approximately $45 million, and he earns an amount of $5 million per year.

He has been doing several soap shows, movies, guest appearances and works as a full-time NFL Analyst. The footballer turned actor has also developed his interest in the business line, often being in headlines for selling the crazily astonishing ranch, houses, jets, and planes at enormous prices.

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