The Devil Went Down to Georgia Singer Charlie Daniels Dies at 83

Charlie Daniels

News of another popular entertainer and singer leaves the world heartbroken. Country music star Charlie Daniels, famous for the song The Devil Went Down to Georgia passes away. His age at death was 83, and he died after he suffered from a severe hemorrhagic stroke. He was a multi-instrumentalist who breathed his last in Tennessee. The official announcement of his death was made by his publicists on July 6.

Charlie Daniels was an alumnus of the Grand Ole Opry and also a Country music Hall of Fame inductee. He was born in USA’s North Carolina, but soon found his comfort zone in Nashville. After he shifted, his career starts while he was still quite young. Daniels used to play on records with famous music personalities, such as Bob Dylan, Ringo Star, and Leonard Cohen. He was a band in himself along with the fiddle, his favorite instrument. Therefore, started a new era of Southern rock that no one had heard before. His hit song The Devil Went Down to Georgia that dates back to 1979 is still one of the most popular in the classic rock genre. Although Charlie Daniels became famous as a country music star, he never wanted to wear any specific label.

Charlie Daniels gave birth to Southern rock music

Back in 2001, Charlie Daniels, in an interview spoke at length about his band. He recalled how their show with the Rolling Stone in Memphis years back. Daniels said that they did the show in the afternoon, and then rushed for another show with Willie Nelson on the same evening. The second show was in Austin, Texas. These two were amongst the ones that have proved to be important in his music career.

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Later in 2008, he was offered induction in the Grand Ole Opry. It was closed after 40 years in the industry that he got such an opportunity. However, it was only in 2016 that Daniels finally found an entry into the Country Music Hall of Fame. A habit of Charlie Daniels that will now help us remember him fondly was his habit of blogging and Tweeting about almost all that he felt. The habit lasted him till his last days as well.

Famous work

A lot of his songs were of the patriotic genre. It shows how much he loved America, and rightly so because he used to call it the greatest country in the world. Responding to the Iranian hostage crisis back in 1980, Charlie Daniels came out with the famous song In America. After three long decades, his outspoken behavior backfired him. As a result, he had to withdraw from Nashville’s Country Freedom Concert.

The program was organized to honor the rescue workers from the September 11 incidents. Daniels was planning to unveil his new song at the concert. However, the organizers restricted him due to a few lines in his song that said This ain’t no rag it’s a flag, and we don’t wear it on our head. Later in 2014, he became the co-founder of the “Journey Home Project.” The organizations help older adults to connect with non-profit workers for their needs.

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