Daniel Craig Haircut: Get That Perfect Classy Bond Look

Daniel Craig Haircut: Get That Perfect Bond Look

Fans often seem to imitate the looks of their favourite characters or actors, be it their dressing, walking, or hair. It is one of the ways they follow to reflect how much their favourite actor or character means to them. Some might get tattoos of their adored character’s name, while some paint their sketches, or others might send gifts for them or make themselves just like that person. Some happen to follow every tiny detail of their most cherished person. Well, not to mention, hairstyles have a key impact on the whole look of a person. It not only affects the features of one’s face but also affects one’s overall personality bringing out the way someone feels about them. Moreover, there is a story behind every change one makes in life.

On that note, this article is a must-read for those who are die-hard fans of the iconic Daniel Craig haircut. As a portrayer of James Bond, Daniel’s look has always been admired by the fans.

His rugged aura made many fall open-mouthed when he came up all dressed as a secret agent. If you’re a real-life spy or adore to feel like the all-time favourite detective James Bond, read this article till the end. So next time you make your hair, do the maths. Whether it was a formal Tuxedo suit or patterned shirt or getting ready for the award show appearances, Daniel Craig hairstyle made up with everything that he wore.

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Daniel has blonde hair, textured to give him that spy look with a short but still peaky, little messy, and sharp cut. It suits perfectly alright to his oval-shaped face and not so straight profession. There isn’t a very specific term that can be used to give identity to the Casino Royale actor’s haircut. However, some have labelled it as an “ivy league” or “Toni” or “Vidal way” haircut. There is surely more for its description, but that haircut did quite a justice to Daniel’s face and his on-screen profession.

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If you’re a short hair lover and like sleek style, a Daniel Craig haircut can make you feel on the seventh cloud. Following simple techniques can get you there. That haircut happens to make a round curve near the top of the head and fades moderately towards the temples.

Daniel Craig Haircut: Get That perfect Classy Bond Look


If we talk about specific measurements, it would be somewhere between 1 and 1.5 cms on the sides & 2 cms on the top. Then, there will be texturing, which means although the hair length would go by the measurements, there are the slightest moderations on the top. That’s right, a little plus and minus on the top are needed to give that short, but full feel look. After all this heft, relax and take a head shower, and go towel-drying your hair, style it with hair sprays that can keep the hair intact, and make use of your hands to give it that textured variation. And…. you’re good to go.


The 007 role player has nailed his overall performance as the renowned detective with his formal wear. However, the actor’s hair did change from a little longer to short over a period of time. His sharp haircut made his features look soft. The actor has been criticized for not having a symmetric face structure for the role compared to the previous performers of the same role. Not that it has anything to do with his acting, but as it goes, everybody has different schools of thought. 

Daniel has performed James Bond to its best. But, one thing that’s worth mentioning here is that with the right hair goes the right costume. The No Time To Die actor often marks the relationship between James Bond and Tom Ford Tuxedos, which became the all-time rescue costume for a number of poker sequences in the film.

Several outfits from Skyfall perfectly complemented Daniel Craig haircut. For off-duty looks, as in Skyfall, the actor seems to opt for comfortable khakis paired with leather jackets, which makes a casual yet impactful look. The striking peacoat with grey pants is one of the best outfits to go with that hairstyle of the actor.

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Remember that ivory dinner jacket with bow-tie from the Spectre…? How can we forget that! The style it represents makes us wonder if this person is actually a detective.


Daniel Craig Haircut: Get That Perfect Classy Bond Look


Born in England, Daniel Wroughton Craig eye-witnessed his parent’s split up. He developed an interest in acting from his visits to Liverpool Everyman Theatre. He made several performances from a very young age at Frodsham Primary School and Hilbre High School. In 1984, Daniel left his high school to audition at National Youth Theatre’s Troupe (also known as NYT) and got selected. He performed in Spain, Moscow, Russia & Valencia for NYT, under the guidance of his director Edward Wilson.

After several failed attempts, he finally got admission to Guildhall School of Music & Drama in 1988. After completing his graduation, Daniel got married to Fiona Loudon, who is a Scottish actress. The couple became parents of a daughter in 1992 named Ella Craig.

Daniel Craig Haircut: Get That perfect Classy Bond Look
Image Credit: image.cnbcfm.com

Daniel made his debut in The Power Of One in 1992 and has been seen in a number of projects since then. Some of his movies are Layer Cake, Quantum of Solace, Knives Out (part 1&2), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Dream House. Apart from this, the actor also worked in the BBC2 serial Our Friends in the North.

Daniel has acclaimed the title for playing James Bond for the longest time period and is the 6th actor to play James Bond in Bond Film Series. Even his competitors in the same role, namely Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton & Pierce Brosnan, have applauded his performance. His performance is one thing, and styling sense is another. Let alone Daniel Craig haircut; we can’t get enough of his wardrobe. Let’s see what style goals the actor brings up with his upcoming projects.

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