12 Best Historical K Dramas You Must Add To Your Watch List Now!

12 Best Historical K Dramas You Must Add To Your Watch List Now!

If you are intrigued by historical K dramas, then you must be looking to make additions to your watchlist. So today you’ll get to know about the 12 best historical k dramas set in pre-technological times.

When it comes to K dramas, people who don’t even understand Korean can’t resist watching them. And they all thank the subtitles for that. Historical Korean dramas have a tint of a golden era legacy. Along with the traditions, culture, and outfits of the past, such dramas also show alternate situations and different strategies.

Whether it’s family rivalry, injustice, or love stories, k dramas tightly hold the interest of their audience to the extent that they eagerly wait for the next episode. If you’re also fond of plot twists in the chronicle binge-watching, explore this list of best historical k dramas.

Best Historical K Dramas 

Korean dramas are one of the most enjoyable tales in the entertainment industry. And when it gets spiced up with the twitch of history there is nothing better than that. Here are the twelve best historical K dramas that will satiate your knack for historian philosophies:

1. Jewel In The Palace

IMDb Rating: 9.7/10

Jewel In The Palace will keep you hooked to your seat at the end of each episode as a murder mystery unfolds. Seo Jang-geum, who earns a place in the palace with her cooking skills later develops a knack for medical treatments.

The drama series generates a sense of pride for women of the Joseon era when the atypical event takes place and the lead becomes 3rd rank official. The show was pondered with enormous love by viewers.

2. Queen For Seven Days

IMDb Rating: 9.3/10

Best Historical K Drama

A short but impactful tale of history is revealed in the Korean drama- Queen For Seven Days. The storyline depicts the events that take place in the life of Queen Dangyeong and King Jungjong in the 16th century. Her reign ended within 7 days as a result of constant dirty political plans and rivalry. The viewers connected indispensably with this drama series.

3. The Red Sleeve

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

This one is based on the love story of Joseon ruler- Yi San. The drama reveals what happens when an aloof guy who only has his kingdom on his mind meets a free-spirited girl. Taking viewers back to the 1700s, this series shows the world around Seong Deok-im and Yi San. Their differentiated views, practical approaches, and farsightedness define new lines of commonality while they resolve the prevailing issues in the realm.

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4. Empress Ki 

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Empress Ki takes you back to 14th-century life. The show expunges ecstatic vibes with costumes, political conspiracies, the prevailing norms against women, and the rise of Ki Nyang.

Spellbound powerful empress Ki Nyang deals with the odds of her fate when she was sent to the Yuan dynasty. All the characters developed so profoundly that the drama became the viewer’s addiction. It represents the daily dealings of a determined and strong Korean woman during the rule of Goryeo.

5. Arthdal Chronicles

IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

This is one of the most watched k dramas that did fetch a large audience base despite garnering mixed responses from the critics. It takes you back to the era of Dangun, the founder of the Joseon kingdom.

Best Historical K Drama

From the audacity of Eun-seom to rebuild his reign to the response of the neighboring tribes and kingdoms of the Korean Peninsula, everything is perfectly depicted in the show.

6. Dong Yi

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

It’s a must-watch! Dong Yi is one of the most influential K drama series that has the heart of K drama adorers.

The storyline follows the turns of a strong-willed girl- Dong Yi, who goes the whole nine yards to clear her family’s name out of a wrong murder accusation. To fulfill her goals she enters the Joseon dynasty under King Sukjong as a servant and leaves everyone startled with her heroic acts and investigative intellect.

Set in the premises of 1961, the drama takes gut-wrenching turns after King Sukjong and Dong Yi develop feelings for each other.

7. The Moon Embracing The Sun

IMDb Rating: 8/10

Planning and plotting to acquire the throne have been a fancy fashion in kingdoms. The same is the case with Queen Dowager who wanted to appoint her son as the Crown Prince and in that surge executed her stepson. But someone witnessed that planned murder and the Queen has also got this situation controlled.

After so long when everything seems to get back to normal, the fate of the Joseon dynasty has something else planned. The Moon Embracing The Sun reveals what happens when Crown Prince Lee Hwon thinks of settling with his wife but something seems to be fishy. This thriller will leave you with excitement when Lee Hwon will know who he has exactly married. The unexpected twists of the story links back to the era of 1300 and afterward.

8. Warrior Baek Dong-Soo 

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

This is another masterpiece and one of the best historical K drama series based on the book of the same title. Baek Dong-soo- a proclaimed swordsman and martial art folk hero of the Suwon Baek clan had to face a lot right after his birth. This drama series enlightens several aspects of his life including bravery, loyalty, and friendship.

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You’ll get to know the gut-wrenching struggles of none other than the writer of Muyedobotongji. His development from an outcast personality in society to one among the protectors of King Jeongjo will leave you in tears and hope.

9. Nokdu Flower

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

Based on the cues from the Donghak Peasant Revolution of 1894, Nokdu Flower shows the lives of two brothers. Their relationship is in chaos. For one thing, society has its way to look upon both differently, another thing that stands against them is the Japanese troops in the Battle of Ugeumchi. The drama unfolds how they sail through their personal and political differences.

10. River Where The Moon Rises

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

Princess Pyeonggang has been raised as an assassin all her life. When she learns about the conspiracy played against her, she fights back to get the title. But the Goguryeo dynasty is under great influence from corrupt people.

You’ll get to see how she battles against the odds and meets On Dal who becomes her partner. The eventful experiences of the lives of two lovers successfully swayed the audience’s hearts.

11. Grand Prince

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

Based on the real-life events of King Sejo (also referred to as Grand Prince), this drama series shows the rivalry between two brothers who fall for the same girl. The story shows how the trio struggles when their different perspectives get hit by political tricks.

12. Secret Door

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

Born out of different schools of thought, the Secret Door throws light on the twisted scenarios of Yeongjo of Joseon. Upset by the unethical practices, Crown Prince Sado withstands his father’s (Yeongjo) opinions and holds a different set of ideologies.

Best Historical K Drama

The sour relationship between the father and son gives the attackers a potential chance to disrupt the empire’s peace. The rivalry grows a drift between the two to the extent that Joeson enforces the order of his son’s death.

Period dramas have a separate fan base of their own. Now be it for Indian history or Korean history, people enjoy them a lot. Not only it gives information but also takes us on a different tour from the backdrops to vocabulary and costumes. The above article enlists 12 best historical k dramas that have made the audience glued to their couch with popcorn in their hands (handkerchief as well) and tears in their eyes because they connect with it so much.

You too will love these best historical k dramas. Moreover, the expressions of talented Korean actors get to the top-notch split. So ready to grab your bowl of popcorn, handkerchief and binge-watch?

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