Tim Ferriss Net Worth 2023: The 4-Hour Series Author’s Fortune

Tim Ferriss Net Worth 2023: The 4-Hour Series Author’s Fortune

Renowned for his 4-Hour self-help book series, Tim Ferriss is a well-acclaimed author, blogger, podcaster and investor. The self-made millionaire has made many curious about the way he manages multiple facets of his life. Today, we’ll talk about Tim Ferriss net worth and how he managed to make it up to this level.

Ferriss who today runs multiple errands has worked for a data storage company in his initial days. The New York born entrepreneur completed his graduation from St. Paul’s School, in the US. He later matriculated in Arts from the Princeton University of New Jersey.

Ferris began to make his wealth from the time he was 24. From there to the present times, his net worth has escalated splendidly. Let’s have a look at Tim Ferriss net worth and his wealthful journey.

Tim Ferriss Net Worth 2023

As per various sources, Tim Ferriss net worth currently stands at 100 Million USD. He kick-started building money in 2001 and established multiple ventures. From podcasts to books to blogs, Ferriss has earned quite impressive figures through his online published work. Here is how the 45-year-old public speaker got this much on his plate:


BrainQUICKEN was Ferriss’s first start-up that he established alongside his job in 2001. He sold nutritional supplements online under this brand and generated handsome revenues for 8 years. Various sources confirm that he used to rake in 40K USD monthly just in a year after the launch of BrandQUICKEN. In 2010, he sold the company to a private equity firm based in London.


Ferriss uncovered his first written book- The 4-Hour Workweek, in 2007. It was listed in The New York Times Best Seller List for four consecutive years and got recast into 40 languages. Over 2 million copies of the book were sold. He recorded his own experience of shifting from job to self-employment in this book and later launched its versions too.

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Tim Ferriss

The multi-talented persona of NY released his next book in 2010- The 4-Hour Body, in which he covered multiple health aspects. This too turned the odds in Ferriss’ favor as the book debuted with the No.1 position on The New York Times Best Seller List. However, the book got mixed reactions for its workout suggestions and claims.

Continuing the series of his 4-Hour self-help books, the American author brought culinary tips to the table with The 4-Hour Chef, in 2012. The book topped the list of the Wall Street Journal and premiered on The New York Times Best Seller List, Publishers Weekly, and the USA Today Best Sellers List. It was later made available on Amazon Publishing where it received more than 30K downloads.

Tools Of Titans (2016) is another one of Timothy Ferriss’ books that debuted as a first ranker in The New York Times Best Seller List.

Investments & Fundings

Tim Ferriss net worth is extensively influenced by his investments in several startups and ventures. He injected monetary shares in companies such as Uber, TaskRabbit, Duolingo, Twitter, Facebook, Reputation.com, and Trippy. The NY-based entrepreneur raised more than $250,000 for a shipping company through syndication and $500,000 from his backers.

Tim Ferriss has made numerous investments in the stock market as well. As per a blog from the Medium, Tim also experienced a 70% drift in the value of his certain investments. The podcaster and entrepreneur revealed that he learned a lot while managing such tough situations.

Tim Ferriss Publishing

Tim Ferriss Net Worth

Ferriss marked the launch of his first-ever audiobook publishing platform in 2013 with Tim Ferriss Publishing. Multiple audiobooks released on this platform include Vagabonding, Ego is the Enemy, The Obstacle Is The Way, and What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Known for his self-experimenting nature, Tim Ferriss is actively indulged in his podcast releases- The Tim Ferriss Show where he interviews well-acclaimed personalities. He runs a blog for the same too- https://tim.blog/.

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The show has scored over 10 crore downloads across prominent platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Castbox, Stitcher and Spotify. Some of the famous personas that have been guests on The Tim Ferriss Show are Elizabeth Gilbert, Matthew McConaughey, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Lewis, and Terry Crews.

Ferriss’ is known to be the Oprah of Audio because of the widespread craze for his podcast since its launch. His already piled-up Subscribers bucket is overflowing with his recent NFT podcast project- The Legend of CockPunch. It recently featured Kevin Rose.

TV Shows

Ferriss made his television debut in 2013 with The Tim Ferriss Experiment on HLN and hosted another show Fear{Less} with Tim Ferriss in 2017. He was also featured in a 2017 TED talk show.


Tim Ferriss

Though there is not much information available on Tim Ferriss’ real estate investments, he was raised in his NY house and moved to Silicon Valley in 2017.


Tim Ferriss net worth notedly contributed to the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research. He’ll be joining the upcoming Psychedelic Science this year, The Denver Post confirms. He donated $2,000,000 for clinical research related to psychedelic drugs.

Tim Ferriss net worth keeps people on the hook because he is not just an entrepreneur but also works his fingers to the bones for running a podcast, blog, reckoning investments, and charity work and yet manages to write books. He shares a lot of tips with people to not rub off their consciousness over bowing down to their fears and move forwards with the learned lesson. The above article provides insights on Tim Ferriss net worth.

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