Jerry Stiller Death – End of an Era Full of Unlimited Laughter

Jerry Stiller Death

The news of Jerry Stiller death has made the world of comedy mourn. The talented actor, comedian, and author was 92 years old and would have been 93 in a month. He died peacefully in his home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan of natural causes. He is survived by two children, a son, and a daughter. His wife and partner Anne Meara had passed way 2015, they were married for 60 years.

Jerry Stiller Death

Industry mourns Jerry Stiller death

Stiller’s on-screen son Jason Alexander mourned his passing. He called Jerry a great friend and one of the kindest people he had the pleasure of knowing. Jason said that working with Jerry had been an honor. He also remembered his childhood days with Jerry where Jerry used to make him laugh a lot.

Leah Remini who was Jerry’s daughter in the popular TV show King of Queens also mourned his passing. She cherished the 9 years she worked with Jerry and thanked him for the fatherly role that he played in her life. Leah was thankful for the laughter, happiness, memories kindness that he brought into her life. She took some solace in the fact that both Jerry and his late wife Anne would now reunite in heaven. She was happy that Stiller and Meara would finally be together again. Leah also expressed that it was an honor working with Jerry and getting to know him.

Jerry’s Career

Jerry was a hilarious actor who paired up with his wife to produce some shows. Together they created a funny husband and wife duo and appeared in a lot of TV shows. His first appearance on screen was in Studio One in Hollywood as Hugh in 1956. In his career of 50 years, he has played numerous roles on screen. Jerry even played George Costanza’s father in Seinfeld who was named Frank. He was hysterical in the show and was a part of it till Season 5 in 1988. He then reappeared on TV a few months later in The King of Queens. In this show, he portrayed the fatherly figure of Arthur Spooner.

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He appeared in a lot of Hollywood movies along with his son Ben Stiller. He and Ben acted in Hot Pursuit, Zoolander and The Heartbreak Kid to name a few. Ben also starred with his mother in the movie Night at the Museum. His son Ben is devastated and said that his father had been a great parent and a dedicated husband.

Final Thoughts

All Stiller fans are a little shook up by this news. Our thoughts go out to the bereaved family. It is important that we don’t pry into the Stiller family’s life and let them mourn in peace.

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