Cardi B Defends Kylie Jenner Against Trolls for WAP Video Cameo

Cardi B defends Kylie

Cardi B defends Kylie Jenner for receiving flak for her cameo appearance in WAP video featuring Megan Thee Stallion. As wacky and sizzling as you can expect the rapper to be; the music video captures all that. It ended up getting a lot of mixed reviews, but let’s check out the video first:


The WAP video was trending on Twitter last Friday, and Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion received lots of praise. However, many fans weren’t thrilled about the unexpected cameo by Kylie. Her appearance was dragged across social media platforms, so much so that a petition was filed in to remove her section from the clip. It got more than 65,000 signatures as well.

The debate carried on through the weekend, and then Cardi B responded herself to one of the critics. The critic asked why Normani could show off her impressive dance moves, while all that Kylie did was walk down the passage and open a door.

One Twitterati wrote that the scene depicted how Black women have to do the most while white women can just do the bare minimum in order to get somewhere. According to the person, this is what the scene depicted and she wouldn’t assume otherwise.

Cardi B defends Kylie Jenner from flak received in WAP video

On Sunday, Cardi B retweeted one of the posts and explained why she featured Kylie in the video. She said that Kylie treated her sister and daughter very nicely at her kid’s birthday party. She said that Set and Travis are close. The rapper went onto say that Kris Jenner gives her advice on specific things she has asked for and also that their husbands are friendly with each other.

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On Kylie’s birthday, she even gave a post on Instagram with her pictures from the WAP video. She not only appreciated Jenner but also said that she wanted women of mixed races to be represented in her video.

The rapper continued to write on Twitter that everything is not about race. She also said that there are racial issues that she talks about all the time.

Cardi B also wrote about Normani and said that she was highlighting one of the best talents of the singer. She said that Normani is one of the best female singers that can dance well too. She went onto say that when she can dance so well, why would she open the door? Cardi went on to writing that the beat of the song makes people want to shake their ass. However, all her posts were later deleted.

When the video dropped, Cardi had thanked all the people who were in it. She took the names of Normani, Rubi Rose, Mulatto, Rosalia, Sukihana, and of course, Kylie. She said that she was grateful that they could make time for her from their busy schedules. The rapper also said that she wanted to include women from different races and reflect the diversity and how powerful and influential they can all be.

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