Duane ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Chapman Gets Engaged at 67

duane chapman

The breaking news is that for Duane Chapman of Dog The Bounty Hunter fame, love is in the air once again. The 67-year old star was already dating Francie Frane and The People now confirms the news of their engagement too. While a lot of his fans slammed Chapman for his decision to remarry, one of his daughters came out to defend her father recently. According to her, her father deserves all the happiness, and this marriage is one of them. The 21-year old also added that her mother would have also wanted him to be happy in his life. So, there is no problem with the decision that Chapman has made. Following the news of his engagement, he has been trolled avidly by a lot of people about the fact that this will be his sixth marriage.

Duane Chapman’s fifth wife Beth was married to him for twelve years, and the two of them were so much in love. Beth was diagnosed with second stage throat cancer in 2017 and then passed away two years later in 2019. Since then, reports of his closeness with Francie Frane came forward, and now they have taken another step forward. Frane is 51-years old and is from Colorado where she works as a rancher. She also lost her husband Bob to prolonged illness a couple of years back.

It all started when Duane Chapman had sent a text message to Bob asking him for some kind of home renovation. The former was unaware of the fact that the person has trying to reach out to was no more alive. The reply came from his wife Francie, and that was the beginning of a great friendship that later turned into love.

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The proposal

In her interview with The Sun U.S., Francie Fran was elated, and she said that the proposal was a big surprise for her. It happened during the last weekend when she had gone out for some grocery shopping. As she came back home, she found that all the lights were turned off except a few. It was a beautiful candlelight setting that Duane had set up for her. She was just about to appreciate his effort when he told her to sit down and listen to him calmly. Then he went on one knee and pulled out a ring to propose to her. He asked her whether she would want to stay with him for the rest of his life, and of course, she said yes!

Recently Chapman took to his Instagram handle to share a solo picture of Francie Fran with a heartfelt note. He said that every time he missed his wife Beth, his heart cried. Then he would look up to find Francie who would again make him smile. He also added that there could not be another Mrs. Dog, but Francie would surely be the last Mrs. Chapman. He also slammed haters to say that none other than two people who had seen their partners sick and die could understand what it means to find love again. Well, we wish him all the best there!

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