Adele Weight Loss Journey Is Incredible and Inspirational

Adele Weight Loss Journey

One of the most trending pictures on social media platforms is singer and superstar Adele’s recent picture in which she looks ravishing. There are threads on every social media platform where her fans and others are discussing her transformation. Some are criticizing her journey by associating it with the after-effects of her separation with her husband. On the other hand, there is a wave of positivity with fans expressing how they missed seeing her for so long. Her colleagues and friends cannot appreciate her enough on her amazing transformation. For example, former sports model Chrissy Tiegen commented on her photograph on Instagram saying “I mean, are you kidding me.” Also, Rita Wilson showered her love with her comments that read, “Happy Birthday, Adele. Sending you so much love! Looking gorgeous!” Well, it is time to find out all about the Adele weight loss journey here!

As per news from the People, Adele had hired a personal fitness trainer last year to start her fitness journey. Well, that is not the only way in which she has achieved her target. That is what the public feels, and there is news of a certain “Sirtfood diet” which Adele follows to stay fit now. The same diet was supposedly followed by Pippa Middleton once. Yes, we mean the sister of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge now. The Sun has come up to the extent of saying that Adele has lost over 40 pounds over the past couple of years, and all thanks to the Sirtfood Diet.

Adele Weight Loss Journey

The Sirtfood diet became quite popular when it was introduced by Two English nutritionists, Glen Matten and Aidan Goggins. They came up with a recipe book back in 2016 with the same name. It contained a list of dishes that you can prepare with ‘sirtfoods’. Well, the term simply means food ingredients rich in a substance called ‘sirtuins. Unlike many others, it is a plant-based nutrient or protein. In later researches, it was proven that sirtuins work well if you are trying to lose weight. The properties in sirtfoods help to reduce inflammation in the body and kick-starts metabolism too. Some common foods rich in sirtuins are apples, olive oil (extra virgin), and blueberries. However, there is news that Adele’s diet also contains delicacies such as dark chocolate and red wine.

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What foods are included?

As mentioned in the book, “The Official Sirtfood Diet”, the program revolves around meal plans that are made up of mostly sirtfoods, but in measured quantities. It is always mandatory to count the calorie intake when you are on a diet. According to the New York Postfollowing the Sirtfood diet can reduce even up to seven founds in just a week. During this diet, a person can consume no more than 1,000 kcal for consecutive three days from Day-1. Also, each day allows just one full meal, and then two portions of green juice. From the fourth day onwards, each day you will be allowed 1,500 kcal divided between two full meals. The diet supports some beverages such as matcha tea, coffee, red wine, and more. Buckwheat and walnuts along with onions, capers, parsley, and more are the highlights.

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