Blue Ivy Wins Grammy: Beyonce’s 9-Year Old Daughter Creates History

Blue Ivy wins Grammy

Beyonce’s oldest daughter, who is just 9-years old, is already a star. Moreover, now that Blue Ivy wins Grammy, she has become the second youngest person to achieve so. Blue Ivy Carter gets her first Grammy Award for her work in the Brown Skin Girl music video. Presently, it is one of the most popular videos globally and is gaining more views after the Grammy Event.  

The music album was a collaboration of Beyonce, and her daughter won millions of hearts. Moreover, their fans are super happy after the album wins the award for the best music video. The other contenders in this category were videos by Future, Woodkid, Anderson, Harry Styles, and Paak. The Brown Skin Girl track was a small part of the phenomenal Black is King album by Beyonce Knowles.

After the album release, it not only became a blockbuster but was receiving great critical acclamation. Moreover, Time pop critic Jon Pareles calls the album a visual statement portraying African-diaspora pride, creative power, and unity. The song itself was phenomenal, and the thought that went behind the making was commendable. 

Blue Ivy wins Grammy for the Brown Skin Girl song

The song features several familiar faces, including those of Kelly Rowland and Lupita Nyong’o. The song is a perfect representation of the beautiful relationship and bond between black women. That includes the love between daughters and mothers, friends, sisters, and more. 

The video features little Blue Ivy Carter right in the beginning. You can see her playing a clapping game with her mother. She is a toddler when the video starts, and the scenes are melting hearts worldwide. Later, she appears all decked up like a star wearing white gloves and a string of beads. 

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Another person who gets credits for the song is Wizkid, a Nigerian songwriter- singer. During the ceremony, Blue Ivy wins Grammy and receives the award during the first half. The function started close to 3 pm (EST), and Beyonce was one of the stars. She bagged nine nominations for eight categories. This is the maximum for any artist. 

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