Alex Trebek Died: The Famous’ Jeopardy’ Host Leaves the World at 80

Alex Trebek Died: The Famous’ Jeopardy’ Host Leaves the World at 80

According to the game show makers, the famous ‘Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek died on Sunday, November 8. He was suffering from Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer and left the world after a tough fight. Trebek was 80 years old at the time of death. As per Jeopardy’s official tweet with the caption “Thank You, Alex,” the man was surrounded by his friends and family during his final hours and left in peace.

Jeopardy is one of the most successful TV game shows that was ever made. Moreover, Alex Trebek remained the base of the show for decades. Trebek’s fast face and wit won him the hearts of millions of people, and a world record too. Yes, he secured a place in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2014 for being a presenter to host the maximum number of episodes in a show. Later, he signed a contract to host the Trivia Show till 2022, and the man wanted to honor it despite illness.

According to an official statement by Sony Pictures, Alex Trebek died, leaving the whole team mourning for him. The last time he was on sets was October 29. There are quite a few episodes that are yet to air. So, the viewers will find Trebek on-screen from December 25 for a few days again. Besides, the channel has no plans to sign a new host for the show at the moment. Thousands of tribute messages are pouring in from all parts of the country, showing how much impact he had on people.

Thousands of people are offering condolences after Alex Trebek died.

Ken Jennings, a famous Jeopardy champion, tweets a heartfelt message with a picture of him and Trebek. Jennings writes that it is not enough to say that Trebek was the best in all that he did. Moreover, he was one of the most decent and loveliest personalities ever. Jennings also says that he will cherish all the time spent with Trebek. He mentions that his family and the Jeopardy family misses him immensely. In one of the show’s recent episodes, the winner Burt Thakur reveals his story of learning English while watching the show.

Earlier in 2019, Alex Trebek announced his Cancer diagnosis, stating that he does not want his fans to get any wrong facts. In a video, Alex said that he was suffering from Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer very much like 50,000 other Americans. He also mentions in the video that the prognosis is undoubtedly not very encouraging, but he will fight. Moreover, Alex also says in the video that he wants to keep working. He was hopeful that there are chances of survival with everyone’s love and prayers despite the low possibility.

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Trebek’s Cancer treatment was never a secret.

While Alex Trebek was undergoing treatment and chemotherapy, he was very frank regarding his physical and mental pain. Later, he said that his life was right and that he does not fear death at all. In an interview, the jolly man says that he is happy with the way he spent his life, and now there is nothing more that he fears. Besides, he said humorously that at least no one at his funeral will say that Alex Trebek died too soon.

Throughout his cancer treatment, he received so much love from fans and contestants of Jeopardy. In one of the episodes, a finalist Dhruv Gaur expressed his passion for Trebek, to which his voice started choking. Later, he justifies it, stating that those bouts of depression are very common for a person suffering from Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.

Trebek originally belongs to Sudbury, Canada, where he was born on July 22, 1940. His father was a Ukrainian immigrant, and mother a French-Canadian with indigenous ancestry. They were George and Lucille Trebek, respectively. Later, Alex went to Ottawa University for his graduate degree in Philosophy. However, soon, he realized his knack for journalism while working as an intern newscaster in CBC. Later, in 1960, he started his game show host career, and the first one featuring him was Reach for the Top. In 1973, Alex left for the US to host Wizard of Odds, an NBC Game Show. It was in 1984 that he started hosting Jeopardy!

Winning a Lifetime Achievement Award

The show’s popularity went on increasing, and soon it was getting international recognition. Moreover, the charismatic Alex Trebek was now the new icon of pop culture. Plus, his witty personality and intense voice became the favorite of viewers. According to viewers, his appearance on the show was comfortable for everyone. Trebek was the winner of six Daytime Emmy Awards for his fantastic work as the host of a game show. He received the last Emmy of his career in 2019, along with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Throughout his career, Trebek made special appearances as himself in many shows. For example, Simpsons, 90210, Beverly Hills, and Cheers are some of them. Once, Will Ferrell portrayed the character of Trebek in a parody show on Saturday Night Live. Earlier in 2017, Trebek went on a break for brain surgery for a blood clot removal. However, during his time away from the industry, no one was able to replace him. Presently, Trebek leaves behind jean Currivan, his wife, and Matthew and Emily, his children.

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