6 Celebrities Who Love Chiropractic Care

Celebrities Who Love Chiropractic Care

The history of chiropractic care in The United States dates back to 1895 when Daniel David Palmer first discovered it. Since its invention and eventual popularization, millions of Americans have sought out chiropractors for multiple reasons, with the main causes being lower back pain, neck pain, headaches or muscle and joint pain. Celebrities Who Love Chiropractic Care are lots in number due to its benefits. Chiropractors use a mix of muscle and joint manipulation and therapy to help individuals ease their pain and learn how to cope with pain when it arrives. There are plenty of other benefits of seeing a chiropractor besides pain relief, including the following:

  • Lessening the chance of arthritis or similar joint disorders in the future
  • Improving cognitive abilities, including clearer thinking, an increase in memory and stronger mental health and well-being
  • Increasing blood circulation to improve blood flow through the body, quickening the body’s recovery process
  • Heightening one’s energy and vitality, which in turn helps promote a better well-being
  • Helping with pre or post-pregnancy pains
  • Reducing the pain of other lifelong conditions or diseases

With so many advantages, it’s no wonder over 35 million Americans see a chiropractor every year, and that includes the following celebrities. While each of these celebrities has a different reason for seeing a chiropractor, they all agree that chiropractic care helped them to succeed both personally and professionally.

1) Arnold Schwarzenegger

The bodybuilder, actor and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, calls chiropractors a necessity for both athletes and non-athletes alike. In fact, he relates chiropractors to being as necessary as the family dentist, claiming everyone should go see one at some point in their lives.

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2) Liza Minelli

Broadway star Liza Minelli made her start as a teenager in the 1949 film, “The Good Old Summertime.” Since then, she’s gone on to perform in over twenty films as well as a multitude of Broadway plays. To help her keep up with these demanding performances, Minelli relies on chiropractors to keep her muscles strong and in shape to perform.

3) Cindy Crawford

Famed model and actress Cindy Crawford used a chiropractor after the birth of both of her children. By receiving this care, Crawford was able to recover from her pregnancies in a pain-free way, and continues to use a chiropractor when faced with any injuries.

4) Montel Williams

Talk-show host Montel Williams of the “The Montel Williams Show” praises his chiropractor in aiding with his pain that results from his multiple sclerosis. After seeing a chiropractor, he reported better balance, lessened pain and increased strength in his left leg. He insists that these results made him a happier person overall.

5) Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods remains one of the top-playing athletes worldwide with numerous championships under his belt. He has claimed that his visits to the chiropractor help perfect his golf swing by keeping his arm strong and pain-free, and continues to see a chiropractor before and after playing a tournament.

6) Bob Hope

In 1986, classic comedian Bob Hope received a Doctor of Chiropractor Humanities honorary degree from Life Chiropractic College in Georgia. Hope was a huge fan of getting chiropractic care, and claimed it helped him with natural healing.

Chiropractic care can help individuals from all walks of life deal with many illnesses and ailments, including some of the world’s biggest and most-loved celebrities. The benefits of receiving such care can apply to people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of fitness to achieve greater physical and mental health.

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