Naya Rivera Presumed Dead After She Went Missing at Lake Piru

naya rivera missing

Glee actress Naya Rivera went missing and investigation has been happening for the past few days. On July 8, Naya’s 4-year-old son Josey was rescued when he was found alone in a rented pontoon boat in the middle of Lake Piru in California. The state began a rescue mission for the actress on Wednesday. They stopped the search by the end of that night and resumed at daybreak on July 9. According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, they have shifted to a “recovery operation” for Naya.

The rescue mission for Naya Rivera

More than a team of 100 low enforcement and emergency aid include quite a few dive teams from the Sheriff’s Departments around the area are at search. They are going into the depths of Lake Piru to find Naya’s body. All the indications seem like she drowned in Lake Piru.

The number of on-scene personnel was doubled after baby Josey was found alone on the boat. He was sailing around 50 miles away from Los Angeles, towards the northwest.

Chris Dyer, the Ventura County Sheriff Deputy stated in a press conference that there are “no signs of foul play”. It doesn’t look like it is anything apart from a tragic event to the deputy. The idea is to bring back the body of actress to her family so that they have a proper closure he stated.

The authorities mentioned on July 9, that Lake Piru is a manmade reservoir and not natural. The lake is deep – at least 130 feet and is full of debris at the bottom. There are safety concerns and challenges. There were complaints against the authorities that they didn’t search for the body at night. However, the visibility during the day is up to 5 to 9 feet, whereas no one can see anything under the water at night.

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According to the timelines of events that led to the disappearance of the Naya Rivera, the authority said that an employee of the rental facility went to look for the boat after it didn’t return post 4 pm. The boat was located towards the north end of the lake and the employee mentioned that her son was with her. However, Rivera was nowhere to be seen. Search on the day of the missing went until 10 pm. But later than that the condition was dangerous for search.

Celebrities send out heartfelt posts

Dyer mentioned that the actress had visited Lake Piru on occasions before and had an idea of the area around. He also said that many people go swimming in the lake.

He kept on saying that the incident was tragic. People come here to have a good day, and it was unfortunate that something bad happened.

Celebrities have been sending out prayers and good wishes for Rivera along with many of her Glee co-stars. Heather Morris put up a heartfelt Instagram story and Chord Overstreet also sent in prayers and asked fans to do so too.

We hope to have an update about Naya soon!

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