Phil Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Fame Reveals He Has a 45-Year Old Daughter

Phil Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Fame Reveals That He Has a 45-Year Old Too

The much talked about patriarchal character from the Duck Dynasty family Phil Robertson made a shocking revelation in front of everyone. He said that he has recently become aware of the fact that he is the biological father of a 45-year old woman. She was born of a very old affair that Robertson was involved in.

The 74-year old actor took to his podcast, Unashamed with Phil Robertson to share the news. He adds that the name of the woman is Phyliss and that she was also unaware of their relationship. Though he is quite shocked by the recent development in his life, his sons are there to support him always. Actor Phil Robertson has four sons Willie, Jase, Jep, and Al who were there when their father was making the big revelation.

According to Phil, the news is a good explanation of reconciliation, redemption, and love. He then moves on to say that he has a 45-year old daughter whom he did not know about all these years. Besides, it also turns out that she was also unaware of Phil as her father. He adds that for him forty-five years is not a very long time because at least they could come together after that long. Moreover, he is happy about the reconciliation and talks about it unabashedly.

In the first part of Thursday’s episode, Phil and his sons kept talking about what he refers to as his ‘former life’. It was during the 1970s and a life that he does not seem to be very proud of. He talks about those years when he used to drink and do drugs. Robertson had also cheated on his wife, Miss Kay. They married when Phil was 17, and later he turned Christian to start leading a better life.

The shocking news and revelation

In the podcast, Phil’s son Al also used the term “former life” but in a different way. He then went on to reveal the entire story. It all started with a letter that was sent by a woman to brothers Al and Jase. In the letter, the woman wrote that she has DNA test results that show the relationship between Phil and Phyliss.

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Al also accepted that initially, they did not bother about the letter. The reason is that since 2012 when the family became more famous due to the Duck Dynasty, receiving strange letters was a common thing now. However, something drove them to do a bit more research, and they found themselves agreeing to what the woman was saying.

Later, both the brothers wanted to get final confirmation before revealing it to their parents. So, they started thinking of ways of how to do it when a cousin suggested a solution. He said that they should call up the lady and tell her to inform them about the whole story. After speaking with the woman, they learned that it was not any random letter and the entire incident was true. Besides, they thought about the woman who had no idea who her dad was and was still patiently trying to find him.

It was their responsibility to let her know even if Phil was not her father. Finally, they let their parents know the incident and it seemed Kay was way cooler than Phil. Later, the actor took a second DNA test, and the results matched again. So, he told his sons to invite her and arrange a reunion.

The happy reunion

Phil referred to Christianity to discuss this whole incident and said that it was a very happy development for his family. He said that God knows what is good for you and he loves people who love him. He knows everyone and their purposes in this world. The actor also spoke about their meeting with Phyliss, and how Kay was so graceful with her. Besides, the brothers are also very happy that they finally have a sister now.

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There are several pictures of Phil’s family where Phyliss is present. Jase tells how before responding to all the letters, Phyliss had gone to the nearby church and investigated them. She was also challenged to watch the Duck Dynasty if she had not as yet, and all the boys welcome her to the ‘crazy family.’ Now the Robertson family and Phyliss’ family are aware of each other’s existence and love to spend time together. There is a surprise for the viewers soon. The upcoming podcast episode on Sunday will feature both Phyliss and Miss Kay.


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