Jonah Hill and Gianna Santos Split After Just a Year of Engagement

Jonah Hill and Gianna Santos Split After Just a Year of Engagement

US news sources finally confirm that Jonah Hill and Gianna Santos split, and netizens are sad. It is only a year since their engagement, and they decide to call it quits. The 31-year old content manager and the 36-year old Superbad star were first spotted together in 2018. They were looking happy cozying around on the streets of New York City. Finally, after a year, in September 2019, the couple’s official engagement took place. Media also reports that the couple parted ways about six weeks back. According to a few sources close to the couple, there was no spark left in their relationship.

Jonah Hill and Gianna Santos Split: his previous relationships

Within a few months of the Hill-Santos engagement, the actor’s sister Beanie Feldstein was gushing over the news. During a Beverly Hills event, she was jumping in excitement. She said that Jonah was not just her brother but her best friend too. Besides, she always wants only the best for him. Before Gianna Santos, Jonah Hill was in a relationship with Erin Galpern. It started in 2018, which was almost seven years after his break up with Jordan Klein. The latter was Hill’s long-time girlfriend, more of a childhood sweetheart. They were dating each other since when they were in high school. In between, the Moneyball actor has been into on and off relationships. He was dating Isabelle McNally, Brooke Glazer, and Ali, daughter of Dustin Hoffman, at some point or the other.

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It was not very long back when Jonah Hill took to Instagram to post his new look. In the pictures, his transformation was visible. Everything was fantastic, starting from a considerable amount of weight loss to the impressive glow on the face. He has never shied away from addressing weight issues and talking about his journey. It was finally on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that he went out to speak about his hardships. He also says that self-acceptance is a tricky thing but is a must. He also mentioned how his appearance came in the way of his career and relationships at times. People did not want to take him incredibly often, sadly because of his look. However, he is now happy with his transformation.

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