Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce’s Daughter Lands Her First Job at Eight

blue ivy carter

If you are feeling some pressure on your neck, that is because of Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of Jay Z and Beyonce. The eight-year-old has just bagged her first job. She is the narrator of Hair Love, which is an Oscar-winning film by Matthew A Cherry. The little girl has lent her voice to the audiobook version of the story.

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Director Matthew A Cherry recently revealed a short snippet in which you can see Blue Ivy introducing the audiobook. Cherry looks eloquent when he announces that Dreamscape presents Hair Love, and the narrator is Blue Ivy Carter. It was initially a short film that was released in 2019. Moreover, it is a delightful story where you can see the trouble of a Black father trying to manage his daughter’s frizzy afro hair.

Although the film is barely six-minute-long, it has garnered so much love and appreciation. Moreover, it bags the Oscars for the best short film (animated) in the February event. After the film’s success, the audiobook is now in a massive craze, and grandmother Tina Knowles-Lawson could not hold back her happiness. She tweeted about her proud moment stating that her granddaughter Ivy did a fantastic job. Moreover, she mentions how the little girl ‘killed it’ with her voice. Now, Lawson cannot wait to download the audiobook and keep reading it.

Love and support for little Blue Ivy Carter

Fans are pouring Twitter with their blessings and love for the little girl, and everyone is feeling super proud of her achievement. While one fan writes that Ivy must be very busy and booked now, the other recalls when she was bullied. The Latter mentions how the world goes in a full circle, and the same bullies are silent now.

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If you are wondering what is going on, then the fans refer to the criticism storm on Beyonce. The reason for such harassment was that she let Ivy sport her natural afro hair instead of an artificial soft hairstyle. There was a point when people started a petition with the hashtag, CombBlue’sHair. However, with her long hair and the Hair Love success, nobody can continue with such bullying. Instead, Ivy and her parents are celebrating the moment now. Moreover, it is Blue’s first big opportunity without any support from her super-famous parents.

Otherwise, she features in almost every song of her parents since she was born. For example, Jay-Z’s song Glory features Ivy’s baby cries. Again, she also has a guest appearance on Brown Skin Girl, Beyonce’s song.

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