Is Tory a villain in Cobra Kai?

When Karate Kid movie fans could relive their childhoods via Cobra Kai, it was a major selling point for YouTube’s initial roster. With all the flashbacks and focusing on the high school rivalry between Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, it was easy to imagine Cobra Kai would be all about their show and that adolescent characters would be overlooked. However, as the program moves to Netflix for its third season, the new generation’s tales are just as embroiled in the competition as the old generation’s.

Multiple rivalries exist among the young people in the show’s several karate styles. Tory character name, Tory Nichols, a new character introduced in the second season, acts as the catalyst for one of the season’s major plotlines. Former Disney Channel actress Peyton List takes on the role of an unrepentant warrior. In and out of the ring, Tory has had to fight for all she has, making her an aggressive person. However, she is often cast as a villain in the Cobra Kai organization. Is Tony in Cobra Kai a bad guy? We’ll find out whether Tory is a villain or a hero if you look at these new developments.

Who is Tory?

Tory grew up in poverty, a waitress who had to work two jobs to feed her family. When Tory’s mother finished her shift, she would bring home some of her food for herself and her children. Even though the food would have been thrown out otherwise, her boss ultimately found out what she was doing and dismissed her. He came to see the world as a harsh and dangerous place where you needed to battle to live. Newcomer Tory is introduced as the second female student to try out for Cobra Kai.

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Why do people think that she is a villain? 

As an anti-hero-turned-major adversary in Season 2 and Season 3, then as an anti-heroic protagonist in Season 4, Tory Nichols is a key character in the YouTube Red/Netflix original series Cobra Kai. In her teens, she’s been the victim of many traumatic events that have left her scarred for life. With the help of Robby Keene, she enters John Kreese’s Cobra Kai dojo. Samantha’s adversary, she is. As a result of Tory’s aggressive behavior and their rivalry with Sam, many people believe she is a villain. Does Tory want Sam dead and do everything to see her suffer enough to declare Tory evil?

Is Tory a villain?

Tory’s brutality against Sam makes it difficult to see how she might be forgiven or elevated to hero. Tory’s flaws are on display for everyone in Seasons 3 and 4 of Cobra Kai when her weaknesses are as prominent as her powers.

That Tory provides for her whole family is revealed to the viewers. Her father has died, her mother is unwell, and Tory has to take care of herself and her younger brother. Her aunt walks up and threatens to take her to court for custody of her young brother if she creates a fight at school, leaving her to pay the rent and put food on the table.

When viewers peek at Tory’s family background, they understand why she’s become such a determined advocate for justice. Since people continually attempt to take advantage of her, she’s become abrasive. She’s enraged because the world keeps stealing her possessions and opportunities. Despite all her efforts, Tory can’t find a way to be happy. Tory’s career in the program may have taken a different route when she sought Amanda LaRusso, even though she and her family had a history of hostility.

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Is Tory truly a Cobra Kai villain, as she claims? Or is she simply another victim of the harsh injustice that the world has to offer? It is up to you, the viewers, to make your decision.

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