The Difference Between UI and UX Designers

Between UI and UX Designers

Wondering where to find a UX developer for hire? If you want a great person, you need to understand the concepts first. There are very similar names that, if mixed up, may result in a different product than expected. In the technical and creative environment of our time, the abbreviations UI and UX are used very often. The problem with the separation of concepts does not become less acute every year. In addition, the trouble of the modern community is that UX and UI are increasingly being used as buzzwords, forgetting about their fullness and, thereby, losing the ability to work correctly with them. Read about what UX and UI design are and what common features they have in common in our article. Accordingly, these two different functions will be performed by designers of different specializations. The Difference Between UI and UX Designers is given below.

What is UI design?

If we talk about what UI is, as simply as possible, you can give this term a designation as interface design, appearance. In theory, it is a combination of many elements. Among them:

  • Content (photos, videos, texts, documentary materials);
  • Forms (fields for text, buttons, flags, labels, and so on);
  • Behavior (that is, the effects that occur when buttons are pressed, items are dragged, and printed).

As the practice of web developers shows, to achieve the optimal balance between the listed elements, not only theoretical knowledge is required. The designer must have great intuition about sizes and shapes. Plus, the designer will likely have to go through a lot of trial and error in order to ultimately get the expected emotional response from the user and present the product in the best possible light.

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What is UX Design?

Having told what a user interface is, one cannot fail to mention User Experience (UX). This term can be defined as the user experience that he receives as a result of interacting with the interface. In other words, UX design helps answer the question: How difficult or easy is it for a user to take an action to achieve a desired goal?

Based on the definition, it is easy to guess that the site interface should be made as simple as possible. This will make it easy to get the expected result and take the targeted action. In order to provide high-quality navigation, the site must profile users, ask for permission (for example, to integrate with social networks, email), have a good balance of form and functionality, be consistent and simple.

Difference between UX and UI design

So, we talked about what user experience and user interface are. Next, we will talk about the differences between them. The difference between UI and UX is the difference between tasks:

  1. UX-designer must analyze the actions of the visitor and, based on the collected data, test the product and create behavioral prototypes;
  2. A UI designer helps explain to a person how to use a product.

However, what looks so simple in theory is not always possible to separate in practice. To achieve this goal, UI and UX must be used together. Otherwise, there is a high risk of getting an inoperative interface. Despite the visible differences between UI and UX, highly focused specialists must work closely together. Only in this case, it is possible to achieve an ideal balance between a good appearance, understandable functionality and ease of perception of texts (we are talking about their information content, structure, design, absence of errors, SEO optimization). When developing UX / UI designs and their implementation, you need to take into account a set of such elements:

  • Convenience of visual and graphic design;
  • Simplicity of structure;
  • User’s ability to quickly search for information;
  • Unity of text formatting.
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Design is not only about the look and feel of an object. In a computer environment, design is how an object works. Remember also that the UI is the same for all people, while the UX is unique for each user. Therefore, regardless of whether one person is engaged in their development and implementation for a specific site, or several, it is important to ensure their separation and at the same time and achieve unity. This approach is a bit like a full stack of developers. Such specialists exist. But in practice, it is quite difficult to makeup both the front end and the back end.

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