Guide to content marketing in 2021

Content marketing is very important when it comes to brand awareness. If you want to build a real brand in the online world, then putting content has to be a priority. Today we talk about the content marketing tips that may change your strategy. We will cover different aspects of the content strategy. For instance, 40+ age groups are still very active on Facebook. If you want to reach that type of community, then put content in front of the right people. To make your brand more popular, you can buy Facebook followers. You’ll get an organic boost from Facebook after getting more followers and likes.

Use a thesaurus

In content marketing, don’t go overboard with keywords. Concise but varied synonyms and sentence structures are more important than an overused slogan. If you notice while writing or proofreading that you repeat the same word more than once, use an online thesaurus. You will then find other formulations.

Use synergies

“Author means authority” – this is an adage from a time when books were still exclusively paper. This statement is still valid today: there are many people who write interesting articles on a topic, there are fewer who devote themselves intensely over a long period to one and the same question. Those who fall into the latter category should consider publishing an ebook. As part of your content marketing, this offers several advantages:

  • You can reuse articles that you have already written and thus limit production costs, while being careful not to lose the common thread of your book.
  • By writing on the same topic regularly, you have already created an audience for your blog, which may well turn out to be potential customers for your book.
  • You can also attract the attention of specialists. From such a post, you can generate new marketing opportunities, such as being invited to a debate or to speak at an event. This is how a reputation is built and a subsidiary income is also generated.
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Speak instead of writing

Technology today makes it possible to turn good speakers into good writers. And that without having to spend hours on a keyboard. If you speak better than you type, you can use speech recognition software. Evernote for example has a function that allows you to change the words you say to text.

Interview specialists 

There’s an easy way to create great content with the help of outside support: let others do it for you. The interview format that we already know from newspapers, radio and TV also has its advantages on the internet:

  • You can offer relevant and cutting-edge content without you even having to do the research
  • The specialists you invite will surely share the article on their own social networks
  • Select your contact from among your customers and you will increase their support for your product

Generate attention with visual content

Multimedia also means diversity: complete your article with not only photos, but also with graphics, diagrams, tables, podcasts, videos and quotes in quotes. With such visual content, you increase the chances of capturing the reader’s attention: on the one hand, users more easily share funny photos and relevant graphics on social networks, on the other hand, images serve as a visual attraction. reader’s attention. In addition, it is often more efficient to create an image or a graphic than to write a long text. Also remember to briefly explain what the figure represents so as not to force the reader to lean into it.


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