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Tom Cruise

Do you have interest about Tom Cruise. The American actor is one of the most reliable values ​​of the batch of young performers that began his career around the 1980s. Tom Cruise did not have a carefree childhood: he suffered dyslexia. Also, he left its mark on him the continuous movements of his family, divided and nomadic, from one side to another of the United States and Canada. He lived brief seasons in Louisville, Ottawa and Cincinnati, where he was an intern in a Franciscan convent. He finally went to live with his mother, who had remarried and started acting at the institute after a knee injury forced him to leave the school boxing team.


Acting career


Eager to start an acting career, in 1980 he went to New York, where he made a living by cleaning restaurants in the theatre district and as a maintenance worker. At the same time, he regularly attended auditions, where actors selected for new projects and attended interpretive training courses. It Francis Ford Coppola who, after seeing him in his first films, understood that it value to take into account. It chose him to participate in the movie Rebeldes (1982), where Tom Cruise shared the lead role with that group of young people which would be called the brat pack, among which were Emilio Estévez, Matt Damon, C. Thomas Howell, Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze and Ralph Macchio.


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Few factor


Tom Cruise


Undoubtedly, his right physical presence was a decisive factor to boost his film career at first. Thus, after the adolescent comedy Risky business (1983). By Paul Brickman, and the misunderstood fantastic tale Legend (1985), by Ridley Scott. Tom Cruise ended up becoming a star thanks to Top Gun, idols of the air (1986), by Tony Scott. In this film, where he paired with Val Kilmer, Tom Cruise embodied the model of a seductive, rebellious and disdainful young man who made him an eighties sexual myth.


Intension ou Tom Cruise


However, Cruise’s intention was not to limit his career to exclusively commercial products. He risked starring in two productions. Where he had to demonstrate his acting skills: The Color of Money (1986), by Martin Scorsese. Which he co-starred with a veteran Paul Newman, and Rain man (1988), by Barry Levinson. In which he also shared the limelight with a cult actor: Dustin Hoffman. Overcoming the initial suspicions of critics and audiences, the actor got a new focus on his professional career. What’s more, directors who, in the past, not taken. His name into account in the casts, counted on him from then on in projects that not at all accommodating.


Final word on Tom Cruise


 In this way, he obtained an Oscar nomination for Born on July 4 (1989), by Oliver Stone. In this film, Tom Cruise plays Ron Kovic, a soldier who, after being shot in Vietnam, develops paraplegia and becomes a convinced political activist. I hope you enjoy about Tom Cruise.

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