Kelly Clarkson to Take Over Ellen DeGeneres’ Time Slot With Talk Show

Kelly Clarkson to Take Over Ellen DeGeneres' Time Slot With Talk Show

Recently Ellen DeGeneres announced that the 19th season of her talk show would be the final one. Recent reports suggest that Kelly Clarkson will take over that time slot with her new show. PEOPLE confirmed this and stated that the renowned NBC series would take over the time slot in 2022.

Valerie Staab told The Hollywood Reporter that the 19th season of Ellen’s show merged with Kelly Clarkson’s will be incredible. Moreover, it is a great achievement for a show which is in its second season. By 2022, The Kelly Clarkson Show will be the prime exhibit as a daytime amusement and support the afternoon newscasts.

The Kelly Clarkson Show will telecast prime time

Tracie Wilson revealed that they are proud to collaborate with the NBC Owned Television Stations group to aid in the growth and success of the show. She also said that The Kelly Clarkson Show was an immensely promising success story in the first-run syndication.

Wilson said that the entire team, including Kelly, put in a lot of effort to create a show. The magic reverberates with audiences of varied ages, cultures, and environments. She also said that they have big ideas for season three. Also, they expected to star as a premiere day show in the future.

The 63-year-old declared the end of her legendary talk show earlier this month. Nonetheless, this declaration came a year after the controversial statements of toxicity in the workplace. During the announcement on May 12, DeGeneres told The Hollywood Reporter that the show was great but no longer challenging. She also revealed that she had been planning to step away in 2022 for the last two years.

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PEOPLE was notified by one of their sources that she was firm in her decision. The source also revealed that DeGeneres was sure of her call. Ever since the animosity happened, it had become a ‘when’ instead of an ‘if.’

In July 2020, the controversy occurred right after BuzzFeed News disclosed a report. Present and previous employees anonymously spoke, deeming their personal experiences. These include penalties for acquiring medical leave, racial microaggressions, and fear of being punished for lodging complaints.

What to expect from the show?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DeGeneres spoke about this issue and conducted an extensive investigation the previous year’s summer. She also said that the scenario hurt her. However, the fact that she was resigning from the show for this was untrue. She would not have held the show this year if she was.

The 39-year-old Clarkson, on the other hand, launched her incredible talk show in September 2019, which won her the Daytime Emmy award for an outstanding entertainment talk show host in the year 2020. NBC in December declared that her show was renewed for two extra seasons till 2023.

A contact informed PEOPLE that Kelly Clarkson’s show was ‘the logical choice’ to have taken over DeGeneres’s time slot. The contract also said that DeGeneres was thinking about leaving for a long time, even before the controversy. However, this was the last nail on the coffin.

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