5 Ideas to Revamp Your Living Room

Your living room is the most important place in your home – aside from your kitchen. It’s where you spend time relaxing or with your family. Additionally, it serves as an area to greet guests. As such, a lot of people take on incredible pressure and spend high amounts of money to revamp it. However, you don’t necessarily have to spend lots on revamping your living room. It often already helps to change some items and get someone to pick up old furniture after a successful furniture removal.

1. Start The Furniture Removal With Decluttering The Room

No matter if revamping your living room may result in furniture removal, decluttering should be your first step in this endeavor. Do you keep cushions you actually don’t like anymore? Plaids that have seen better days? Candleholders you received as a gift, but don’t like them? Do you really need all the books on your shelves? 

Take three boxes and do a thorough decluttering. Take one area after another or split up your living room into 4 more or less equal parts. Tackle one area after another. Put items that are in a very good condition into a box to sell, others that are more so-so for donations, and keep the rest of it. Carefully ponder whether or not you’ve used your items within the last year. 

Once you’ve decluttered your living room, revamping will be a lot easier.

2. Think About New Colours

Plain white walls are just that: plain and boring. Take a trip to the shops and look for some new paint. Start with your favorite colors and an option for your living room. However, warm ones are best to be used in living rooms. You could also turn one wall into your accent wall. For example, the wall behind your sofa could receive a bold aesthetic, but the other walls receive a lighter version of it. Use complementary colors as decorative accents for rags, cushions, and curtains. 

The latest style trends of interior design are rather contrasting. While there’s a trend for bold and dark colors, there’s also a trend for lighter ones in combination with natural materials. A dark turquoise wall in combination with dark brown furniture and gold highlights would be one example of the bold version. The gold accents such as candle holders or pillows brighten up the Boho-style room. Even though it would be rather dark, they can provide you with a cozy sensation. It can give you the impression of being in a protective cave. Lighter cream colors and natural materials bring a piece of nature into your home.

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3. Is Your Furniture Still Intact?

Whenever you think about revamping your living room you may want to take a good look at your furniture. Don’t keep items that are about to fall apart. Once you’ve decluttered, you may realize you don’t need all bookshelves anymore. What about your sofa? Is it still comfortable to sit on?

A good revamping should always involve an evaluation of your existing furniture. In some cases, a new coat of paint might do the trick. As long as your sofa is still comfortable, you can adjust the color with some throws. However, there are limits and you actually may want to do a furniture removal. Before you can apply new paint, you will have to clear your room anyway. It’s the perfect opportunity to let go of items that don’t quite have a place in your life anymore. 

4. Rearrange Your Furniture

Your sofa might sit at one place right now, but maybe it could also sit at the opposite wall? Put it into an area where you can directly see it once you enter the living room. It should create a centerpiece as it is the most important spot. Give it a highlight with an extraordinary coffee table. While it should go with the rest of your living room, you can certainly go for something unique like covering it with exquisite linens wholesale collection. Or, what about a coffee table that you upcycled from an old suitcase? Or a tree trunk? Upcycle old books you don’t read anymore and use them as legs. You could leave the books as they are or spray paint them when you stuck them together.

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Should your living room provide only limited space, it’s always a good idea to go with multifunctional furniture. A coffee table could serve as additional storage. Or maybe your ottoman could provide storage while it is an additional spot to sit on? When there’s no one taking advantage of it, rest your feet on it. 

Even small changes with furniture removal, upcycling, or swapping could make a huge difference in your living room. 

5. Go Easy With The Decoration

We’re sure all proud of our decoration, but having it all out on display all the time can make your room look a bit stuffed. Decide on one theme you’d like to use, such as a maritime theme, and use another in a few months. Only changing the decoration with accent colors can make your room look entirely different. 

Don’t hang up all pictures at the same time either. Choose one or two pictures to give them all of your attention and swap them with other pictures in a few months or weeks. You could also opt for seasonal pictures. Hang up bright-colored pictures for summer or springtime. Go for gentle tones for the winter season. Remember to probably also declutter your picture collection. If you don’t like it anymore, let it go and have the furniture removal guys take care of it.

No matter the theme you’re going with, add some more plants. Plants make your living room look more homely. At the same time, they provide you with fresh oxygen. Just be careful about your plant selection if you’ve got pets.

Final thoughts

Revamping your living room can easily be done with just a few tricks. You don’t have to exchange all the furniture to give it a makeover. Sometimes, some throws and new colors will do the trick. Don’t feel bad about it if you don’t like some of your furniture anymore. There’s a good reason why there are furniture removal services that can be at your doorstep on the same day even. Let them pick up what you decided to throw out during decluttering.

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