Discover the 7 Most Romantic Greek Islands

Whether you and your partner have just started dating, are on your honeymoon or have been married for decades, the Greek Islands are the perfect romantic destination.

Whichever island you choose will have pristine beaches and beautiful scenery. However, some islands are better than others for planning a getaway with your partner.

  1. Corfu

Corfu gets first place since it has long been considered one of the best Greek islands for couples.

The balcony at Achillion Palace is a breathtaking spot and the perfect location for wedding photos or honeymoon selfies. It’s even been in a James Bond movie.

In the evening, a visit to Marina Gouvia is a must. It’s where many yachts are docked, The harbor is home to many romantic restaurants and taverns as well as a tree-lined walk with benches.

Secluded Avlaki Beach is perfect for couples of all ages and is the perfect place to lie in the sun, listen to the ocean and just be together.

  1. Hydra

Hydra is a small island and there are no cars on it. This makes it the perfect place for couples to go on long walks hand-in-hand. A fun alternative is to ride a horse all over the island. There are several riding centers on Hydra to choose from. Some packages even include a packed lunch.

After the ride, a spa experience might be in order. Many hotels on Hydra have spas that offer couples massages and other wellness activities like yoga.

The next day, head to Hydonetta Beach. You can have a bite to eat while you admire the ocean and the rocky coast. For swimming and beach walking, Molos is a more secluded area. After a long day at the beach, head to Sunset restaurant. Its name comes from the fact that while you eat, you can watch the sunset from your table.

  1. Kythira
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For maximum romance and seclusion, avoid traveling to Kythira in August. Every other month of the year, the island is relatively free of tourists but can become very crowded at the end of summer.

Since the birth of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, is believed to have happened just off the coast of Kythira, the island just can’t help but be a place for lovers.

  1. Milos

Milos is known as the Island of Love. Besides being home to many pristine beaches, there are also hiking trails and thermal springs.

Couples can ride a sailboat all around the island and later visit the ruins of the Venetian castle to watch the sunset.

  1. Santorini

Santorini claims to be one of the most romantic destinations in the world. It is also recommended that couples travel there for the perfect place to propose. The Akrotiri Lighthouse and the Oia Village are recommended as the perfect locations to pull out the engagement ring. However, both can be crowded so make sure you find out when the height of tourist season is.

  1. Symi

Symi describes itself as “The best Greek Island you’ve never heard of ”. The harbor is stunning and a photographer’s dream. Its water is a deep blue, which contrasts beautifully with the many yachts docked there. In addition, pastel-colored houses climb up from it in seemingly never ending rows.

Just finding a secluded spot to soak up the atmosphere and reflected glow from the beautiful surroundings sounds like a perfect date.

  1. Spetses

Two-thirds of Spetses is covered in pine trees which are perfect for peaceful and secluded walks.

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If you and your partner are animal lovers, hours of entertainment await you because the island is home to a big population of feral, but clean and friendly cats. There is also quite a population of dogs that can be seen playing happily in the ocean.

There are also traditional Greek restaurants that are frequented by the locals so you know they’re good.

Choose your favorite islands based on what activities and sights appeal to you the most or visit them all. 

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