Arnold Schwarzenegger Heart Operations: Says He is Feeling ‘Fantastic’

arnold schwarzenegger heart operations

Our very own Terminator has been going through a lot of complications due to health. Previously, we did know about one of the early Arnold Schwarzenegger heart operations. But it wasn’t the only one. Recently, the strongman got another part of his heart replaced. After surgery, he shared a post and said he was feeling ‘fantastic.’ The man also said that he went to walk down the streets and feels good now.

Arnold Schwarzenegger heart operations

The post was pretty unexpected as to most it was a surprise revelation. His previous complications happened two years back. This time, he had to get a new aortic valve to work along with the new pulmonary valve from his last surgery.

The operation happened in Cleveland Clinic, and he praised the team working for him at the hospital. Although he didn’t mention when the surgery was done, he did say that he feels much better now.

The 73-year-old said that he is already out and looking at statues across the city like tourists do. It seems that he is doing pretty well and is healthy and hearty to carry on his fitness regimen.

Schwarzenegger has been famous not only because of his movies during the 80s. But also for being a strongman. His body has helped him carry roles in films like The Terminator and Conan the Barbarian. At the same time, his acting has gained recognition with movies like Twins.

The man was also the governor of California in 2003 and put his best efforts into environmental policies. His term ended in 2011, and he went back to movies like The Terminator sequel and The Expendables 2.

We hope that there is much more to see of the man in movies. It is commendable how well he has maintained himself over the years and has a great spirit at all times.

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