Instagram Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel

Instagram Tips Growing YouTube Channel

Do you have a solid Instagram presence and know your way around the platform, but your YouTube subscribers are not pressing that button so enthusiastically? Are you starting to doubt your content and your overall skills as an entertainer or influencer? Don’t worry. However challenging it may seem, it’s still possible to convert your loyal Instagram followers into YouTube subscribers and even out the playing field in a matter of days. Here are Instagram Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel.

Promote your YouTube content on Instagram

Given that you’ve already cracked the formula on how to be an influencer on instagram, it’s time to use it to help you get those YouTube numbers up as well. Use our four best tips to grow your YouTube Channel through Instagram.

The single most important step in growing your YouTube through Instagram is letting your IG followers in on your new YouTube content.

You can do this in several different ways. 

  • Promote your YouTube content in IG posts. Create an IG post with an interesting detail from your YouTube video and come up with a fun caption. This entices your IG audience to watch the entire video on YouTube. Use a screenshot or a thumbnail in your IG announcement post. Don’t forget to add the link to the video in your IG bio and let your audience know about it in the caption. 
  • Post teaser videos in your IG Stories. Post short clips of the most exciting parts to your IG Stories. The Stories format allows for more relaxed and unedited content, so these teaser clips will perfectly fit within your Stories. This creates anticipation and excitement among your audience, so use it to your advantage. 
  • Show behind the scenes. Go behind the scenes of a YouTube video and let your IG audience in on how the magic happens. Show them around your studio, equipment, post bloopers, or spotlight your team… The options are limitless. And the best part – the audience loves this type of content, and it creates relatability and trust as they get to know you and your process better. 
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Link like a pro

To let your Instagram audience discover and engage with your YouTube content, it’s crucial to be strategic about your links.

Leave a link to your YouTube channel in your IG bio. And remind your followers every once in a while in your posts to check the link. For example, if you’re talking about a specific topic in your IG post, remind them to check your YouTube channel for more in-depth videos on the subject. You can also post announcements and updates. 

Use the Swipe up feature in Stories to link to your channel or the latest video. Post a teaser in Stories, and direct them straight to the video. 

By strategically linking to your YouTube content, you’re allowing your audience easy and seamless access to your content. 

Hashtag your way to YouTube stardom

Hashtags are still the best way to improve your discoverability on Instagram. But did you know they can be used to support your YouTube efforts? 

Of course, just any hashtags won’t do. It’s essential to use the right ones to really get the effect you want. 

While it’s ok to add some of the most popular YouTube related hashtags, such as #youtube, #youtuber, #youtubers, #youtubevideos; the majority of your hashtags should be focused on the specific niche to get the super-targeted audience. 

Meaning, the audience is actually looking for this type of content and is willing to engage with your content. These could differ depending on the topics you’re filming about, but here are a couple to help you get the picture: #youtubeyoga, #youtubegaming, #youtubefitness, #youtubemakeup… 

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Utilize IG contests and giveaway

When they think of Instagram giveaways and contests, most people would immediately think of product promotion or a brand awareness campaign. Sure, these are the most common giveaway goals; however, you can use them to grow your YouTube channel quite successfully.

There are a couple of ways to do this, but best practice examples include directing your audience from one platform to another

For example, you can post a giveaway on your Instagram, asking your followers to subscribe to your YouTube channel, and to watch and comment on a specific video. At the end of the video, you can pick the winners. Finally, you can post about it on your Instagram and leave the link to the video. Don’t forget to offer a really cool prize to make it worth their while.


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