Eddie Van Halen Health Deteriorated, Artist Succumbed to Cancer at 65

Eddie Van Halen health deteriorated, artist succumbed to cancer at 65

Eddie Van Halen health had not been keeping well for a long time as he was fighting cancer. After going through a lot of pain and complications, the founder of Van Halen died on October 6.

The sources directly linked the musician informed that Van Halen was admitted to St. John’s Hospital at Santa Monica. He died there on Tuesday with wife Janie by his side. His ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli, son Wolfgang Val Halen, and Eddie’s brother Alex were also by his side.

Since October 3, Eddie Van Halen health deteriorated drastically. The doctors found that he had lung cancer, which moved to his brain and other organs.

Eddie Van Halen health issues

Eddie was fighting with the deadly disease for more than 10 years. He had been in and out of hospitals for the last year. In November 2019, he was admitted with intestinal disorders and recently went through chemo.

For the last five years, the man flew to and from Germany and the US for radiation treatment. Although Eddie used to smoke a lot during his early years, he believes that he got throat cancer as he used to hold a metal guitar pick in his mouth more than 20 years back.

Even with his illness, he used to go concerns and practice for shows with his son. Wolfgang was the bassist for father Eddie from 2006. The son mourned his father’s death by saying that he was the best he could ask for. He recalled each moment they shared both on stage and off stage, and called it a gift. The heartbroken man said that he doesn’t think he can ever completely recover from the loss. Lastly, his post expressed his love for his deceased father.

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Remembering Eddie

Eddie was one of the most influential guitarists in the history of music. He rose to fame after his solo song Eruption. Halen formed a classic rock band in 1972 in Pasadena. It included brother Alex on the drums, David Lee Roth as the singer, and Michael Anthony on the bass. Halen was also the songwriter for the band, and they had their first album release in 1978. Their songs were an instant hit and made them famous during the 80s.

One after another, the band started giving hit numbers like Unchained, Runnin’ with the Devil, Panama, Hot for Teacher, and Jump. Their success continued when Sammy Hagar became their lead vocalist as Roth quit in 1985.

After the band made a mark in hard rock, Val Halen became an icon with Beat It by Michael Jackson. The song had Eddie playing guitar alone and took his fame to new bounds.

Although some of the members of Eddie’s band changed, brother Alex and Eddie were always together. Eddie’s career as a solo guitarist took their band to new heights and created a legacy for him.

The man won the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for 2007 and was considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

Although Janie was his second wife, the man only had one child from his previous wife, Valerie Bertinelli. His ex-wife departed with her long time partner and called him “my love.” She was happy to be beside him during his last time.

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