Justin Bieber DM-Ed Charli D’Amelio for Sister’s Birthday Surprise

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Jazmyn Bieber feels like the luckiest girl in the world because brother Justin Bieber outdid himself with surprises. He pulled out all of the stops for his baby sister’s 12th birthday and it included several messages from her favorite celebrities.

On May 18, Justin texted Charli D’Amelio’s while she was live on Tik Tok and now we know what he wanted to talk to her about. Justin asked the Tik Tok star to record a message for his sister as it was her birthday. Justin also connected with a lot of her friends and got a video recorded for her. The special video of Charli included celebrities like Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, Addison Rae, and Billie Eilish. However, he deleted the video from his feed probably because he didn’t want to keep something so informal.

While this doesn’t seem like a collaboration between Justin and Charli, we do hope that we’d get to see their friendship budding. We can also expect more from this pair professionally.

How Justin approached Charli

Charli D’Amelio is the most followed Tik Tok star and has a movie coming out soon. She was live on her profile talking to fans when the very cool Bieber left her a comment – “Please check ur DMs when ur done ur live THANKS.”!

Fans started guessing what it was for and started hoping that they’re collaborating any time soon, only to find out that it was for his sister’s birthday surprise. The Tik Tok star freaked out after looking at the comment and shouted out loud – “That’s a joke. That’s a joke. That was a joke!” She hoped her followers took a screenshot of the comment, which they actually did.

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When she found out the reason why Justin approached her, she responded to him by saying she would get back once done with the video. She also made the cutest face and her fans saw her gushing.

A fan page of Charli showed the video she had recorded for Justin’s sister for wishing her on her birthday. The video was supposedly sent to the birthday girl personally but then was up on social media anyway.

There are no reports after that on what they talked about or what it was like for Justin and Charli to be working together or not. Well, can you imagine if we’d see Justin in a Tik Tok video with Charli any time soon? Let’s keep our hopes high and keep reading up more such updates!

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