MacKenzie Scott Donates $4.2billion In The Past Four Months.

MacKenzie Scott Donates $4.2billion In The Past Four Months

There is news that MacKenzie Scott donates $4.2billion to the emergency relief fund and food banks in the past four months. She is the ex-wife of the very famous Jeff Bezos, who is also the founder of Amazon. Recently, Ms. Scott wrote a new blog post in which she mentioned her desire to stand beside struggling Americans during the pandemic.

The fact that MacKenzie Scott donates $4.2billion is making people more curious about her net worth. Considering the same, Ms. Scott is presently the 18th wealthiest person globally. Moreover, her net worth has only gone up from $23.6billion to $60.7billion. The Source of the majority of this wealth is the alimony she gets from her ex-husband Jeff Bezos. The latter is the richest man in the world.

In her blog post, Ms. Scott writes that COVID 19 is like a wrecking ball in the lives of all Americans who are struggling heavily. Scott also mentions that she is planning to donate to 380 charities out of 6,500 organizations presently.

It is good to see that MacKenzie Scott realizes that the pandemic is especially tough for women, poor people, and people of color. However, it is just the opposite for billionaires who are becoming richer only.

Ms. Scott’s donation amount was $1.7billion earlier in July, for a total of 116 charities. She mentions that it was her effort to attract leaders and organizations to be part of a more significant change.

If we consider this amount, then Ms. Scott’s total donation amount for this year is over $6billion. She says that her focus is on people facing food insecurity, high poverty, and racial insecurity. Plus, Ms. Scott wants to help the ones who cannot access philanthropic capital.

MacKenzie Scott donates $4.2 billion as part of her pledge.

It was only last year that MacKenzie Scott signed a petition called “The Giving Pledge.” It is a promise that she is making, stating that she wants to donate most of her wealth. Moreover, this is the pledge meant for only privileged and wealthy people who wish to dedicate a part of their wealth for the benefit of humanity.

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In her pledge, Ms. Scott writes that her wealth amount is disproportionate that she wants to share. Plus, charity experts appreciate her for her decision and selflessness. Scott’s lawyers also helped her shortlist the organizations in which she wants to make donations.

MacKenzie reveals that her decision results from several days of telephonic interviews, research, data analysis, and more. It is because Ms. Scott wants her money to go for the use of the people who need it the most.

Earlier this year, Amazon’s boss and ex-husband of MacKenzie, Jeff Bezos, spent $10billion on climate change issues. Moreover, he is an active philanthropist for quite some time and regularly donates money for various causes.

Donations by Jeff Bezos

Recently, in November, Bezos completes one of his commitments by donating around $800million to approximately 16 groups. Moreover, his net worth has gone up by $70billion this year. Presently, his total net worth is $185billion. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index confirms the same.

During the COVID 19 period, the craze of online shopping has gone from more to more. As a result, retailers such as Amazon are benefitting from the high-rising sales. Moreover, the Swiss Bank UBS suggests that billionaires are earning very well, especially this year despite the COVID crisis. 2020 is witnessing a rise in a high-profile donation towards underprivileged people during the pandemic.

One of the most remarkable donors is Jack Dorsey, who decides to donate $1Billion from his assets. He wants to use it to help in pandemic relief causes and efforts. This is part of his total $3.9 billion net worth.

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On the other hand, Bill and Melinda Gates want to donate $305million to their charitable foundation. The amount will go towards the fund required for the development of better vaccines to fight against COVID. Besides, JK Rowling, Mark Zuckerberg, and Michael Jordan are also donating hefty amounts for people who require it during these challenging times.

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