Top NBA Players to Bet On

Top NBA Players to Bet On

The proposition bet is one of the more popular bets that NBA fans can make. Apart from being opportunities to make a quick buck, it’s also a way for fans to show their support and belief for their favorite players. Top NBA Players to Bet On.

Of course, there are some players that are much more reliable than others, and it’s almost always foreseen that they exceed expectations. While it’s possible that the average sports bettor is not a fan of every one of these players, it’s also worth considering to bet on them, regardless of how people perceive them, simply because they deliver results.

What are Prop Bets?

Proposition bets are wagers that are placed and are dependent on particular outcomes during the course of or at the end of a game. While there are numerous types of proposition bets, the safest and most logical ones to make are those that are based on a player’s final stat line.

A player’s stat line is something that can be predicted, and it is largely reflective of their average performance per game. When making a proposition bet on a player’s final stats, you make a bet on whether or not he would go above the predicted stat line for him. You could usually make a prop bet on a player’s final points scored, rebounds gathered, or assists made.

While these players are reliable, it doesn’t mean that every prop bet made on them will net you a profit. Even superstars have bad games. However, the sheer talent and star power of these stars is more than good reason to expect that they are liable to pop off on any given night, and that they could easily exceed the predictions of sportsbooks more often than not.  

Best Players to Bet On

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Who’s better to bet on than the reigning back-to-back MVP himself? At the young age of 26 years old, the Greek Freak already has an impressive track record and what’s even scarier is that he still has untapped potential, particularly with his shooting.

Perimeter shooting woes aside, Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the most efficient players in the league with a PER of 26.9, and with averages of 26.2/10.1/5.5, it’s apparent that he makes the most of every minute he spends on the floor. Giannis has steadily improved ever since his rookie year and there’s no sign of a trend in the opposite direction. 

With his supreme athleticism and incredible length, Antetokounmpo can easily score over defenses and grab rebounds and go for steals that no other player could possibly get. It’s safe to say that Giannis can easily breach 25 points and 10 rebounds on any given game. 

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James Harden

While James Harden has just been traded to a team where he’s no longer the primary option, the new superstar shooting guard of the Brooklyn Nets can still get buckets virtually anywhere on the court and decimate defenses with his vast array of moves.

The 2018 NBA MVP may no longer putting up scoring champ numbers each night, but he can still turn it on at will and score 40 whenever he wants to. Apart from expecting him to score a lot of points for the Nets, proposition bettors can also take note of the fact of Harden’s infamous efficiency at getting on the free throw line. 

Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors might no longer be the powerhouse they once were, and fans were quick to doubt the 32-year-old Stephen Curry who just came back from an injury, but this is the greatest shooter of all time that we’re talking about.

Curry is a two-time MVP who’s had his way with the league until injuries held him back, but his return has been nothing short of spectacular. While he may no longer have the same quickness that he had five years ago, he still has the handles to cut through defenses and maneuver through the paint for creative finishes. It should also go without saying that shooting skill doesn’t decline with age. 

Steph is averaging 27.8 points so far in the season, and it wasn’t that long ago when he broke his scoring record and silenced his critics by dropping 62 points on the Trail Blazers. With range like that, it’s impossible not to expect Curry to make it rain on every team he faces.

Anthony Davis

Winning his first NBA ring isn’t enough for Anthony Davis. The Brow appears to be out on a mission to prove that he’s not just second fiddle to LeBron James, and his performance is showing that he’s just as important to the Lakers as his future Hall of Fame running mate.

Davis has developed his game to the point where he practically has no weaknesses. He can score from all levels of the floor and could handle any defender pitted against him. He can overpower smaller big men in the post while he can outskill larger and slower big men with his guard-like handles and smooth shooting. 

AD puts out a stellar performance on both ends of the floor as well. Aside from averaging a solid 22.1 points and 8.5 rebounds per game, Davis is averaging 1.7 blocks per game and is instilling fear on all who dare to attack the paint.

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LeBron James

At 36 years old and with 18 years of experience under his belt, what LeBron James is doing is unprecedented. Where other players at this point in their careers are relegated to smaller roles or are already retired, James continues to dominate and make his case as the greatest of all time.

The King’s unreal performance has the Lakers atop the league. With the way he’s been playing, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to say that he’s on his way to his fifth MVP trophy. LeBron is averaging 24.3/8.1/7.5 so far this season and with Anthony Davis to helm the Lakers with him, there are no signs of LeBron slowing down.  

Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid spends every night proving that he’s one of the best centers in the NBA, if not the best. The 26-year-old Sixer has elevated his game this season, and is thus far the greatest obstacle in LeBron’s quest for five MVPs. 

With an impressive PER of 29.8, Embiid is averaging 26.6 points and 12.1 rebounds per game, and is simply dominating the paint every time he steps onto the floor. He’s also anchoring the Philadelphia defense while averaging 1.6 blocks per game.

Now that injuries are behind him, Embiid is showing that he was worth the hype and that his potential was well-founded. Fans just have to wait until the end of the season to see how things turn out. Until then, betting on Embiid to breach point and rebound predictions may suffice. 

Russell Westbrook

The 32-year-old Westbrook might be at the tail end of his prime, and may not be in the best situation as far as the team he plays for goes, but there’s no denying that he can still stuff the stat sheet every game.

Throughout his stint with the Wizards so far, Westbrook is almost averaging a triple-double again with 19.3/9.7/11.3 averages. Lest we forget, Russ has made NBA history just a few years ago after averaging a triple-double for three straight seasons during his last years with the Oklahoma City Thunder. While some may call him a stat stuffer, it’s much more beneficial to recognize his greatness and understand the fact that betting on him will likely net you winnings. 

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