Tom Cruise Gets Flight Date to Travel to International Space Station for Film

Tom Cruise Gets Flight Date to travel to International Space Station for film

Tom Cruise is known to take his action sequences very seriously. Every time he comes on board in an action movie, he does something challenging. Well, this time, the man has crossed all boundaries. Yes, you guessed that right, Tom Cruise gets flight date to go to the International Space Station!

Tom Cruise has done several stunts for his Mission Impossible movies. He has hung off one side of a jet place, scaled skyscrapers, and much more. There is a lot of hard work and risks he puts himself through for taking up such actions. However, this time he just raised the bar that will be tough to beat.

Tom Cruise gets flight date to fly to space

The Hollywood actor got a date to fly launch into the International Space Station is the spacecraft. Moreover, this is going to be a debut movie to be shot in space and it is pretty daunting.

Tom will cruise one of the SpaceX Crew Dragon rockets, and the capsule will fly him to the ISS. The dates for the shooting have been set at 2021. Once the actor, support cast, and crew get to the ISS, they will start filming in orbit. Director Doug Liman will accompany Tom Cruise as the movie gets underway for other sequences. However, there are no reports of other eminent members being a part of this.

According to reports, Tom Cruise is working with NASA and Elon Musk for filming an action-adventure at the ISS. It is going to be the first movie ever to be shot in space. However, the speculations about the movie being a Mission Impossible sequel is false.

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Tom will take suggestions from retired astronauts Roy Bridges Jr. and Scott Kelly as per reports. These two astronauts were not only famous for their adventures in the space but also how they joked about preparing for toilet science and its significance.

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