Top Tips: Prepping for a Daytime Date

Prepping for a Daytime Date

Whether it’s a picnic at the park, hanging out at a beach resort, or trying out the newest outdoor restaurant, a date would still call for sufficient preparations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a first date or not. Putting your best foot forward would surely gain you plus points from your partner. Top Tips: Prepping for a Daytime Date.

From choosing an outfit that absolutely exudes streetwear chic to checking if all the arrangements you have prepared are in place, here are some Top Tips: Prepping for a Daytime Date to ensure your daytime date will go as smoothly as possible.

Daytime Dating Dos and Don’ts

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy or a girl. When it comes to dating, you would surely want to present your best self. Achieving this requires you to invest time, effort, and resources.

First of all, you want to appear presentable. Dressing appropriately would express your sincerity and respect for your date. Since you chose to go out with your special someone in the daytime, wearing something like a pullover-inspired denim shirt or dress with tribal details would be more appropriate than a floor-length, fully beaded strapless gown.

Also, you would want to be prepared to avoid awkward situations or unnecessary inconveniences. Making arrangements ahead of time, checking on your date’s preferences, and ensuring that you are ready on your end will all contribute to your romantic rendezvous’s success.

If you’re a dating novice, then read on as we have compiled some useful tips to make your date a fantastic one. From slathering on the best skin care products to ordering fashionable streetwear online, these simple tips can help you present your best self for your daytime date:

1. Clean Up

Neatness and cleanliness will undoubtedly score you plus points with your date. Maintaining an orderly appearance shows the other person that you are capable of taking care of yourself. It can also indicate that you are capable of taking care of others.

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Cleaning up doesn’t mean just doing so an hour before your rendezvous. If you’re serious about self-care, you’ll groom yourself with or without a date. Ensuring that you observe healthy eating habits, getting the right dose of exercise, and practicing wellness routines can contribute to a glowing self. Going to the salon or spa every once in a while for regular hair trims, facials, or body treatments can also help you achieve a clean and healthy mind, body, and spirit.

As added preparation, make sure you take a bath before your date. Brush your teeth, trim your nails, and check if your clothes and footwear are all clean and tidy. While you’d like to smell nice, don’t bathe yourself in perfume as the overpowering scent may put off your date.

2. Dress Appropriately

Dressing appropriately is part of good dating etiquette. It shows respect for the other person and gives them a glimpse of who you are.

Since you scheduled your date in the daytime, then make sure that you dress well for the occasion. Consider the time and venue of your date. If you agreed to meet at a café for a casual chat over coffee, then you can wear a babydoll denim dress or jeans and a tee with a cropped Maharani denim jacket. For guys, a clean white shirt with Afrocentric or tribal details will look good with dark jeans.

If you’re going to a more formal venue, such as a matinee show of the latest musical or an art gallery exhibit, you may want to dress a little more primly. For gals, an asymmetric dress with lace detail down the back would be lovely. Guys can wear a buttoned-up washed denim shirt with a grandad collar.

A stroll in the park may call for a white Ethiopian-inspired loose-fit boho dress that will bring out the goddess in you. Guys can wear dressy khaki or white linen shorts with short-sleeved denim shirts with handwoven pocket detailing.

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3. Be Prepared

It’s best not to get caught off-guard on a date. For one, decide on who will make reservations. Whether it’s for a restaurant, an afternoon cruise, or a day trip to a wildlife sanctuary, it’s best to reserve spots or buy tickets ahead of time.

Also, do research. First, check with your date if they have any preferences regarding the time, cuisine, or activity. Also, find out if they have any allergies or dietary requirements. These are some examples of things that your partner will thank you for preparing ahead of time. It will also help make your date flow as smoothly as possible.

A topic list will also prepare you should you find yourself in a conversation jam. If it’s your first date, think of possible topics that will break the ice. The weather may be a safe subject but try to ask questions that will get more than a yes or no answer. For example, you can ask about their ideal vacation, their hobbies or interests, or their goal in life. Veer away from offensive questions like why they’re still single or how much their salary is.

Warm and Genuine

The most important thing to prepare before a date is yourself. You should be in the right mindset, have your emotions in control, and be open to meeting other people. As they say, you have to be genuinely interested to be interesting, so when you meet with your date, be warm and genial. Engage in conversation and see if there’s something there that may lead to a lasting relationship.

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