Meghan McCain Quits the ABC Talk Show “The View”

Meghan McCain Quits the ABC Talk Show The View

Meghan McCain, the conservative American columnist, will end her run much before the finishing line. On the morning show of Thursday, she announced this big news. Reportedly, the end of July marks the end of the four-season long run of McCain on ABC talk show. She addressed her viewers at the mid-episode last day to announce her leaving off “The View.”

“Memories bring back memories bring back you”

McCain is 36 years old now and married Ben Domenech in 2017. Their daughter will be a year old in the coming September. She said she would like to stay back in Washington DC, make it her base. Here she stayed for the most time in this pandemic.

She reminisced the beauty of a place that witnessed their child taking their first steps. She didn’t really wish to leave behind at all, for “The View” is New York-based.

ABC specially requested her to stay. They even offered McCain a different position on the network. But she strictly said that she doesn’t want to continue there anymore, as per a source statement. McCain even turned down a contributor’s role.

Daily Mail reports that McCain had another two years remaining in the contract.

A show with McCain wasn’t all rosy

McCain was famous for the numerous quarrels and spats with her fellow hosts and her strict social and political viewpoints.

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She mostly debated strongly with co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, who have a more liberal bend.

Her fellow hosts Goldberg, Behar, Sara Haines, Anan Navarro, and Sunny Hostin were completely unaware about McCain leaving “The View,” reports Daily Mail.

Despite debates, McCain lauded her fellow hosts and said they were immensely talented and stood apart in the television industry. Also, she said it wasn’t really an easy decision for her.

Goldberg sarcastically commented that it wasn’t really a bed of roses to be sitting across from her. Also, she added that John McCain, her father, was right in persuading McCain to join this show despite McCain’s initial reservations.

Behar said that they fought in their professional life no doubt. But they also partied together, went out for drinks.

She appreciated the fact that McCain was not an easy opponent, rather a formidable one.

ABC respects her decision

ABC network stated that they had respected her decision.

The statement gave McCain her deserved place. It said that for the last four years, the fierce determination, commitment, and political know-how of McCain had greatly benefitted “The View.”

Also, she has made this decision for herself, and the ABC network respects her views. They have wished her the best regarding her future while appreciating her unique and active contribution to the viewers every day.

McCain’s career wasn’t all rosy either

McCain’s career was up on the newsfeed when in March, she said that her circumstances on “The View” were not very much different than what Meghan Markle experienced. McCain referred to Markle’s talk with Oprah Winfrey about being victimized by the press during her stay with Harry in the UK.

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However, not everyone sided with her that time. According to one insider, the only commonality between the two was that they shared the same name. The insider was all the more shocked with McCain’s behavior. They added that if one doesn’t want something to get leaked, one shouldn’t do such things which can get leaked.

A decision too fast, too furious

McCain’s decision to leave sounds pretty fast, for even in January, she didn’t really seem to have any exit plans.

On “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” she said she would not leave the show anytime soon, neither is Joy. The plan is to co-exist just like fellow Americans do. Just a few months later, her decision to leave the show takes everyone off the hook.

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